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A click on any picture will send you to either the relevant post here at this blog or to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Enjoy your freebies... there are over 50 here, and many more on the blog!

For some of these free items, I've included a product link below the picture, just in case tasting the sample makes you hungry for more! 

Math Tools Blog Series Part 1: Hashtags!

Riddles are an awesome way to develop number sense in your kinders! Try these cards when you need a quick idea for a number talk. You can find complete sets of 100 riddle cards each (plus games, etc!) here and here.

This fall math freebie is a fun way to practice subtraction, plus you can turn the finished pumpkins into a nice wall or window display in your classroom! You can find more first grade autumn math games here.


Here's your free game for long i words. Need games for the long sounds of a, e, o, and u? Try this set!

Hundred charts and 120 charts are such a valuable tool! You'll find lots of games, riddles, and activities to practice and review with them (including two more free games!) when you click here.

I love using a word wall, don't you?  But we have to get our students to really know the wall before they start to automatically turn to it as a tool. Here are some free word wall activities that you can include in your literacy centers.  

Here's a set of even more word wall activities! They are open-ended, so you can use them with any set of words, like a science word wall, math word wall, etc. Click here to see them!

Here's a time-saving template for your students' writing folders, an easy way to handle those tricky-to-spell names!


  1. Great printables! I adapt many of the activities I come across into stations for older learners. Thank you for sharing your resources!

  2. Very informative tips thanks for sharing.



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