Sunday, October 20, 2019

Mix Math and Art with Integrated Curriculum for Fall

If you could do a project with your class that would mix math and art, and you'd end up with a cute fall classroom display plus a set of math center games, would you give it a try? Well, let's find out more about this integrated curriculum project!

I love using integrated curriculum, and creating it, too!  Cross-curricular resources are a great way to reach more students, since they address multiple interests and learning strengths. Integrated curriculum also offers great opportunities for review and overlearning, which many students need to be able to retain concepts and vocabulary and to apply them, too.  Sometimes, changing the context of the instruction makes all the difference in student engagement and success!

This math and art resource has your students rolling two dice and adding the numbers and then choosing any space with that number to color. They can do this independently, or play with one or two other students, each with their own pumpkin page.

But if you take it a step further - here comes the art integration!

How about demonstrating how to use colored pencils to make lighter and darker tones of the same color, and then setting your students to work on these pumpkins to test their skills?

Pull out a color wheel and discuss complementary colors, the opposites on the wheel. Challenge your students to choose any pair of complementary colors to complete their pumpkin. Here's one example using oranges and blues, but there are so many interesting variations of complementary pairs to try!

Once these works of art are complete, how will you use them in your classroom?

* Cut the edges and directions away and hang them on classroom windows for a pretty display that you can keep up all through October and November. The sun really lights them up, as you can see here on these photos of the free subtraction version of this project.

* No windows? (I've taught in a classroom like that... ugh.)  Back your pumpkins on a piece of black construction paper for a great wall display!

* Here's a fun and easy way to turn your pumpkins into autumn math center games that your students will love to play again and again.  Step One: When your students are rolling, adding, and coloring, have them color lightly (so the numbers will show through) and tell them that you have something special to do with the neatest ones. (usually a pretty good motivator!).
   Step Two: Cut the pumpkins around their outline, like you would for the displays above, and laminate them. Now each one is a board game! Students play by rolling, adding, and covering the sum on their board. Some fall mini-erasers from your stash will be great for this, or just use erasable markers. Two students can play by sharing one board or by each using a different board. Student motivation is HIGH when they see that their own work is being put to such a good use!  {Pssst! You can do this with almost any color-by-code activity page!}

Are you ready for your own copy of Patchwork Pumpkin Addition? Just click here to download and enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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