Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Save Time with Once-and-Done Student Work Displays

Hi, Teaching Friends!

"Once-and-done" ... has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? So many things in the classroom seem to leave dangling threads of "undone-ness".  Student work displays and bulletin boards are so often like this. Seriously, I know how often the halls would be quiet long after school was finished for the day, except for the hammering of a lone stapler arranging (and often rearranging) a bulletin board display. {ummm, that was probably me and my stapler you were hearing...}

Well, lots of clever teachers are sharing their ideas for getting around that time-wasting problem by creating once-and-done displays! Here are some of my favorites, straight from Pinterest.

1.  You don't have to wait until the first masterpieces are ready to display. Take your cue from Teaching in High Heels and get your display area ready before your students even arrive. The bright colors and black borders will really make the "Amazing Work" pop! How will it look with your own classroom theme colors?

2.    I love, love, LOVE this display idea from A Dab of Glue Will Do. Having their pictures on the display will go a long way toward encouraging your students' pride in doing their best work. Plus, it's just so darn CUTE!

3.     From Prayers and Purple Elephants, here's a simple idea that will be great at any grade level.  Yardsticks, gorilla glue, and clothespins!

4.   Upper Grades are Awesome uses plastic page dividers to create a display that students can add to on their own, which is especially nice if you're nervous about having thumbtacks in the hands of your little learners. BONUS: Have students put each new page in front, leaving the others in for an instant portfolio. Boom! You've saved a few more precious minutes!

5.  Talk about saving time! If you make student memory books, you'll love this idea from Easy Teaching Tools. Follow her steps and train your students to post their own work, which will be organized and easy to make into an end-of-year memento. Brilliant!

There's no doubt about it - students love to see their work displayed!  Devote a special place on your classroom walls, and you'll start to see even more work that they (and you!) will be proud of!

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Math Freebies for Shark Week

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I see them on the horizon ... the fins. And I see all those cool Shark Week shows for that are about to begin on the Discovery Channel.

And I see the boatloads of shark freebies!  Whether you're teaching summer school or year-round school, homeschooling or - good grief! - back in school already, or maybe you're busy planning for your new class, you know that the shark theme is pretty much unbeatable among the primary crowd. So let's take best advantage of that enthusiasm, right?

I've blogged about Shark Week for several years, and have a growing collection of shark-themed freebies old and new to share with you. So, let's dive in right now {uh-oh... shark pun!} and start scooping them up!

By the way, I've fallen in love with these adorable Surfin' Sharks from Dandy Doodles on TpT! I use these cuties again and again because they've got so much personality! You'll see them surfacing again and again in these freebies ... oh, darn, another shark pun!

Freebie #1:

Here's a game for practice with /not/ contractions. School of Sharks can be used as a board game, or just print up the 16 sets of opposites cards for a matching activity. It's a sample activity from my Oceans of Fun resource, a set of 16 cross-curricular activities which you can find here at my TpT store.

Freebie #2:

Spark some jawesome writing with this roll-and-write freebie! Just roll your die twice to come up with a character and a setting for a fun shark-y story starter.

Freebie #3:

This one might look like it's just for my for my PreK and kindergarten friends, but don't be fooled by the cover.  When you download it, you'll find not just shark-themed number cards, but ideas for eight games that need nothing else but the number cards to play. These games will take you right up through second grade! Please excuse their pun-y names! Click here to download.

Freebie #4:

Shark riddle task cards for addition and subtraction! The free download includes a dozen of these cards. Here are a few of them!

If you'd like to see more math riddle task cards like these, try Dino's Secret Numbers for adding and subtracting tens, Monkey Madness for missing addends, and Shark's Secret Sum for adding three numbers with regrouping. These task cards are an engaging way to develop mental math on a variety of math skills. There are lots more in the riddles category at my store.

Freebie #5 {here's the new one!}:

Two first grade math games!

Here are two shark-themed first grade math games for you.  Shark-in-the-Dark is a sample from Missing Addends Games, and Shark Frenzy  is from the Missing Subtrahends set.  Each of the sets includes ten one-page games.  Like your sample games, these are low-prep and easy to use, with no cards to print, cut, or lose! :)

If you like the simplicity and convenience of using single page games like these, you'll find over 300 of them when you visit the One-Page Games category at my store!

Have fun with Shark Week activities ... and I won't even be the one to tell you to stay out of the water! :)

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

120 Games and a Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Hope you are all well, whether you have started your summer vacation or are still hanging in there, counting days in your advanced state of exhaustion! {Keep smiling, you can do this!!}

I spent some more time revising and updating a few resources this weekend, and, as often happens, I ended up adding a few new pages to several of them.

If you've already purchased these at TpT, head over to your My Purchases page, where you can download the updates for free. Some of you may already be receiving personalized emails about updates on anything you've purchased (an AWESOME idea, thanks, TpT!). If not, you'll start receiving them very soon.

One change that I made was to add this Tuff and Puff game to Counting with the Pups and Kitties. More practice with adding and subtracting on the 120 chart is always a good thing, right?  And the fact that these four games (plus two maze activities!) are filled with cute graphics like Tuff the Pup and Puff the Kitty will make them all the more fun for your first graders.

How will these games help your students?

As they roll dice to determine how many steps they'll move, your students will subitize and add sums 2-12.

* They'll practice early place value skills as they move up and back by tens and by ones, and associate this movement on the chart with addition and subtraction.

* Your students will use mental math and strategize, since several of these games will require them to decide whether adding or subtracting the numbers on the dice is a better option.

* Your students will also have the chance to use their creativity when the use the blank template to create their own games.  This is a fun activity for those last days of school - art, math, and partner play in one!

The plus for you? Each of these games is just one page, so they are easy prep for you, right when you most appreciate easy prep! Plus, the variety of levels in this set will let you keep differentiating easily right up to the last day {when administrators seem to love to stroll by. Won't you be the impressive one! :)}

Look for this pups and kitties set with its fancy new cover here.

While I was updating, I decided to pay some attention to my poor neglected Teachers Notebook store.
Most of the changes there were updates to covers.  While I was working there, I realized that it's been a really long time since I had a giveaway on TN. 

So, here it is!

This set of 120 chart games has fun themes for high engagement - pirates, space, dinosaurs, and three more. You can see the description here, and just for this week, you can also enter to win a set! 
Just sign in to Teacher's Notebook, click on Giveaways, and scroll down. I'll be giving away three sets!

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week News

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'm a little bit late to the Teacher Appreciation party with this post, but hey, you all knew about the TpT Sale anyway! What you may not know is that everything at Primary Inspiration by Linda Nelson is still 20% off today! You might even want to think about leaving some feedback on the goodies you bought during the sale, so that you'll have bonus points to spend today!

Did you happen upon this post by clicking on this video on my FB page?

You can get this set of 30 math games here.

I don't want you to miss out on sampling these two free games from the set! Whether you're talking lipstick, Costco yummies, or math games... it's always fun to try before you buy!

Speaking of being late to the party, let's make this Teacher Appreciation Party last! {aka I've procrastinated and am behind on life right now. Sorry, guys.}  I'll be sending out a Primary Inspiration Newsletter within the next few days, and of course it will include another freebie for you!  If you're not receiving the newsletter yet, just complete the little box at the top of the right column on this page ... and you'll get another freebie just for doing that!

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Odd and Even... Win It Before You Can Buy It!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

At this time of year, when little minds are out on the playground or thinking about tonight's t-ball game, we have to work extra hard to keep our students focused and excited about learning.

Have you tried using riddles to increase engagement?

This new set of riddle cards for odd and even two-digit numbers will let your second graders stay active while still reviewing skills.  Because each of the 24 odd-answer and 24 even-answer cards has just two clues, they're quick to solve - and that makes them perfect for Scoot and Solve the Room! Two formats of student recording sheets (and answer keys!) are included for use with these games.

Here's a closer look.

As you see, the first (unstated!) clue is whether the number will be odd or even. The graphic will be their clue, adding a bit of extra thinking into the solution process.

Having one of those days when you're needing a quieter option? Sometimes we just need those kiddos to sit down for a while so we can all breathe a bit! Try putting partners together to solve a few cards, or use the Odd and Even Solve and Sort partner game that's included in this set.

This set will be coming to my TpT store this weekend, where it will be 50% off for the first 24 hours.
This set is now in my store, and will be half price through Monday morning, 4/24. See it here!

Would you like to win this set before it's even posted?  Here's a quick giveaway - three copies!  As usual, I've thrown in a few quirky options for entering. Have fun!  ;)

Giveaway ended! I loved reading all of your fun entries! Congratulations to Tanya, Julie, and Lynn! 
Please check your email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Put Your Old Markers to New Use with an Earth Day Project

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Do you have bins full of mostly-worn out or really-should-be-tossed markers? I didn't know this, but markers can't just be put into regular recycling. Although the cap and barrel are recyclable, you'll need to remove the tip and reservoir first, and talk about a tedious job ... no, thank you!

This post contains an affiliate link.

Here's a solution that will make recycling markers simple, and let you include lots of learning along the way, right in time for Earth Day.

Crayola has an easy recycling system called CrayolaColorCycle, which is available to schools in the US and parts of Canada.

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

1. Get your administrator on board with participating.

2. Set up a collection box, or even more than one.

3. Pack all of your markers in a cardboard box, and print out a shipping label from the
   CrayolaColorCycle site.  

4. FedEx Ground will pick up your package, with Crayola paying all the shipping charges.

How simple is that?!? There are directions at the site that will walk you through the process.    
Crayola also provides some standards-based lesson plans that will help you turn this into the perfect project for Earth Day.

But... you don't even need those plans to easily integrate this project with math and literacy.
Just think of the possibilities!

* Brainstorm places to promote the project. Family newsletters? PTA? Posters around the school?
Teacher mailboxes? Your students could work independently or with partners to write/edit/publish these.

* Label the boxes, with student-created artwork and captions.

* When the boxes start to fill, the math learning opportunities are abundant! Counting, bundling by hundreds/tens/ones, sorting and graphing by colors, ...  If you give each classroom in your school a container to fill, you could even introduce some competition with a big wall graph in your hallway, completed by your students, of course! Could your students use a marker as your unit for measuring length?  How about writing some word problems about the markers? 

Here's a set of four math task cards, just to get you started! Click on the picture to download yours.

* After the project, write thank you notes - to Crayola, to parents, to others who've lent support to the project. If your students are young or time is short, a chart paper note created with shared writing and signed by all is a great alternative to individual notes.

Before you prep for the new year by buying some great new markers, I hope you'll consider giving this project a try!  All brands of markers are accepted for recycling, not just Crayola, and you can even send them highlighters and dry erase markers.

Have fun with this! I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

Happy Teaching!

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