Sunday, February 12, 2017

Try These Free Kindergarten Math Riddles!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

If you're looking for an engaging way to build number sense with your kindergarteners, try riddles!

Yes, I'm back again talking about riddles, but I'm sold on the value of using all sorts of riddles in your teaching!  If you have any doubts, the next time your class is unfocused, off task, or cranky (it happens to the best of them...), just say the word "riddle" and watch them perk up!

These free kindergarten riddles will bring that kind of enthusiasm to your classroom! Here are a few ideas for using them.

* Start a math lesson by solving a riddle together.

* Tie riddles to your number line  and sequence of numbers lessons. These riddles have lots of clues that require your students to locate a number/s on the number line, along with using words like "more than", "less than", and "between".

* If you ever have a spare moment to fill (it's been known to happen, really...!), solving a riddle is a great way to keep the learning moving ahead!

* Riddles are an awesome way to squeeze in some spiraled review of math vocabulary.

* Riddles are a great way to build a foundation for comprehension skills like identifying key details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions.

* Once you've practiced solving a few riddles, try writing one together. Morning Meeting is a wonderful opportunity for this. Write a riddle for 6 on the sixth of the month, for example. Bring math into your shared writing lesson!

Okay, kindergarten teachers - this freebie is for YOU! Just click on the picture to try this set of 8 riddles.

If you'd like more, the complete set of 100 riddles is half price at my TpT store until Monday night (2/13/17).  It also includes an answer key, themed hundred chart, whole class games for recording progress with the riddles, and two class graphs based on the riddles. Bonus: also includes 35 number sequence strips (1-100) that you can just print, laminate, and cut for an instant math center! Click here to see it.

Happy Teaching!

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