Monday, November 12, 2012

Sentence Building for Thanksgiving ... Literacy Center Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Do you use a pocket chart as a literacy center? I love pocket charts for so many reasons! The kiddos are up out of their seats and manipulating words rather than only writing. The pocket chart is also very forgiving - no need for an eraser, just a quick rearrangement!

Whether working independently...

...or cooperatively with a partner,

 a pocket chart is a "good thing"!

So, for Thanksgiving, why not a pocket chart activity? Here's a set of 19 word cards and punctuation cards that your little guys can use for building sentences about Thanksgiving. For those students who need a bit more support, there are models of 13 sentences to build with the cards. There's also a response sheet for students to record and illustrate one of the sentences. And just for fun, there are 3 easy-to-make turkey pointers to encourage one-to-one match as the students read and check the sentences they build.

Click on the pic to download "Making Sentences: Turkey Talk".

If you like this kind of activity for your pocket chart, click here for 15 more of them at my TPT store (including two more free sets!) ... everything from pets to snowmen to leprechauns!

Happy Teaching!


  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much! By the way, I'm having a giveaway that goes through today and would love it if you swung over. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for linking up on Manic Monday. I can use this as an intervention for a couple of my students.
    Artistry of Education

  3. This is TERRIFIC - thank you so much for the generous freebie :)
    I love pocket charts, too! I have a couple mini self-standing charts & I bought a new black chart (large) this year! Have a super week, Jen

  4. I love pocket charts, Jen! I remember when they only came in red and in blue ... primary colors because all primary classrooms were - uh, primary! :) It's nice to see that educational supply companies are finally responding to their changing market!
    Thanks for your comment - Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. ...and thank YOU, Fern, for graciously hosting it every week! :)

  6. I love how you include a response sheet for students to create!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I hope your students will have a great time as they build word knowledge and sentence skills.


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