Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Picture Prompts for Fall Writing

Hello, Everybody!

Are you busy preparing your literacy centers for fall?

I think one of my favorite centers to organize at back-to-school time is the Writing Center. I love to stock the center with lots of interesting tools for writing - cool wiggly eye pens, a can of freshly sharpened pencils (none of those scrunchy little ones with toothmarks and no eraser!), a rainbow of colored pencils, and a big bunch of colorful markers that still work!

I also make up a bunch of blank books for writing, in all sizes and shapes. Stapling together 4-8 pieces of blank paper is all it takes to inspire some of our young authors to get serious about making books. 

I like to have a box of interesting things to write about, like acorns and colorful leaves (warning: beware of the bugs!! Sadly, this is the voice of experience speaking. Yuck.)  Sometimes I'll cut out giant leaves for the children to write on, or have cardboard leaf tracers in the center. Trace a leaf and use it to write a shape poem around!

I love having topical picture/ word cards as references for writing ... mini-dictionaries for our kiddos!

Here are 2 more easy additions to your Writing Center as you get set up for the change of seasons - picture prompts for writing! One uses a graphic organizer to get ideas rolling for writing about Johnny Appleseed. The other is about choosing between 2 favorite fall activities, and justifying the choice.

These prompt pages would also be great to display with your document camera for whole class writing activities. They'd be a great no-prep plan for a sub, too!

Click on the cover to download yours from Google Docs.

These free picture prompts are samples from this set of 16 back to school and autumn prompts. Click here to see it at my TpT store.


Please leave a comment to share one of your favorite tools to put in your Writing Center!

Happy Teaching!

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  1. This will be great this fall. Thanks so much!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. These are awesome! I'll definitely be using them with my kinders in the fall! I'm now a new follower!

    A Turn to Learn

  3. Thanks for commenting and following, Jessica! I'm glad you like the prompts!

  4. Thanks! I will be using these for my daughter, she needs some extra encouragement to get started writing, this will help. :)

  5. Thank you! I am working on making my writing center more interesting and I think the the kids will enjoy these picture prompts!

    1. Sometimes a little change can make a big difference. Good for you that you are working hard to keep your students motivated!
      Have a great school year!



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