Sunday, March 5, 2017

Need New Math Games? Try These Gold Coin Task Card Freebies!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

There's a new holiday on the horizon, so it's time for some new math games!

I'll bet you already have a stash of these deliciously engaging gold coins. What kid can resist them, right?  If you don't have them, you can pick up a few packs at the dollar store.  A few dollars worth will go a long way with these games.  Plus, you can get double duty  from these coins when you use them again in September for pirate games on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

All your students will need to play these games is gold coins and dice - no game boards, no cards!  A few of the games also require a whiteboard and erasable marker or just paper and pencil. If you'd prefer not to use the coins, two-sided counters or even pennies are perfect substitutes!

Here are the games in this free set:

* Roll and Give - addition, sums through 12

* Roll and Take - addition, sums through 12

* Shamrock Toss and Tally - counting, tallying to 50

* Away with the Coins - subtraction from six or less

* Toss Ten  - combinations of ten

* Roll, Tally, Stack - addition sums through 12, tally marks

In this free file, you'll receive a task card/directions card for each of these games, as pictured here.

If you're looking for a wee bit more St. Paddy's Day math practice, here's a set of riddle cards for two-digit numbers. Can your students find Lucky's Magic Number?  See the details at my TpT store, and download the preview for four free cards!

Happy Teaching!

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