Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winter Freebie Roundup!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I recently realized just how many freebies I have for winter!  Rather than making you hunt here and there for them, I decided to put together a quick post that will put a bunch of them in one spot for you! Today, the math freebies!

In my last post, I shared that I recently updated this oldie but goodie, and also posted it in my TpT store.  Your students will add and subtract the dots on dominos, and then sort their answers by odd/even. Find it here.

Are you working on the 120 chart? Here's a slides and ladders game to practice adding one and adding two!

Adding ten on the 120 chart? Got that covered, too! Try this!

Here's one for the little guys! Your PreK and kindergarten students will use these 48 cards to match numerals to number words, objects, and ten frame representations.

Winter Number Match-Up

Here's one of the three games you'll find in Snowy Strategies Addition Games.

Kids getting itchy with all those indoor recess days? Here's a Read the Room activity that will get them up and out of their seats to get some of the wiggles out.

This set is great to use throughout December as part of your calendar time. Your students will tally and graph their favorite holiday characters, colors, cookies and more. There's a book cover included, if you'd like to assemble the finished graphs into a class book.

December Data Collection: Tallies and Graphs

These are not "official" freebies, but did you know that you can get two free math games in the preview of each of these resources? Just click on any of the pictures to see it at my TpT store.



I hope you'll enjoy using these with your class this year! Keep an eye out for a winter literacy freebies post, coming soon!

Happy Teaching!

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