Friday, January 17, 2014

Giveaways and Whatnots...

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you looking forward to a long weekend? Yaaaaay! Isn't it amazing how soon after the long Christmas break exhaustion can set in again? I hope this long weekend will be restful and re-energizing for you!

Did you enter last week's giveaway for 10 Math Scoot Games at Teachers Notebook? If you missed it, you'll be able to pick the set up at 40% off tomorrow - it's a Daily Deal! If you'd like to try before you buy, be sure to download the preview for a FREE Equalities and Inequalities Scoot Game.
Each of the games has the relevant Common Core standard printed right on it for your convenience. Regularly $7 for the set, tomorrow only the price will be $4.20.

February will be here before we know it! Get your math centers ready with this new giveaway at Teachers Notebook! Three winners... enter from now through Thursday the 23rd. Good luck!

Click here to enter this giveaway  or here to see more giveaways at TN.

While we're on the subject of Teachers Notebook, here's a quick peek at three new items just posted this week!

Wouldn't it make sense to just mark long vowel sounds right in the text instead of making our new little readers jump through hoops trying to learn a million-and-one different spelling patterns for the same sound?  {Wasn't there a reading system a while back that did something like that? ITA, I think? Believe me, it was not perfect, either. As anyone who's ever taught reading knows, there is no one perfect system that works for every child. Is ITA still used anywhere, I wonder? } In any case, English is not always about making sense, so jump those little readers must.  Let's make it at least a bit more fun by using games. I've created lots of games for vowels, but this is my latest. I think it's a fun way to practice five different spelling patterns for the long e sound.

Also new at TN this week, here's something for Valentines Day! Lots of you have enjoyed my sets of seasonal fluency phrase cards - here's a brand new one! It has 44 phrase cards that include sight words and seasonal words, along with a Beat the Clock partner activity and a writing activity for expanding phrases to complete sentences.

The last new resource this week is a spring preview. I'm one of those people who weighs the merits of "plastic or paper" at the grocery store checkout ( 'course now I bring my own bags!), so I can totally understand why the color vs. b/w quandary is a tough one when it comes to printables. This set gives you the choice by including both formats: full color (because it's bright and pretty and you only have to print it once) or grayscale ( because of all that color ink and laminate film you'll save). The set has four partner games, each just one page:

Add (sums 2-12)
Subtract (minuends 1-6)
Add doubles
Add ten
Here's a sneaky pre-season freebie for you. (ack!!! The vocabulary of sports has snuck into my non-sports brain!)  Download the preview of the set above to get one of the games free! :)

So, as you may have read in my last post, I'm sticking one toe into the deep waters of Facebook. Thank you, thank you for those readers who friended me and to my sweet husband who "liked" me. :)
Of course, he also likes many posts about the Marines and about model railroading...  He is way ahead of me in the Facebook game, but he only operates on receptive mode, never posts, so isn't too much help with my many, many questions!
This weekend, my plan is to figure out how to do a Flash Freebie! Heads up, everybody! :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Hi! I just won the math scoot games, and I'm now following you! Thanks!

    1. I hope you'll enjoy the Scoot Games... enjoy! Thanks so much for following!


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