Monday, January 20, 2014

Place Value Tip(sters!)

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Let's talk tens and ones, another one of those "primary grade lingo" phrases that anyone else might respond to with , "Huh?".

My first experiment with embedding a video has that good ol' Teacher Tipster stuck up at the top of my post, and off-center at that. It's worth it, 'though, because this man really knows how to get your kiddos' attention and keep them up and moving! I think the Tall/Small marching cadence song for tens and ones would be a hoot, even without the costume!

Here's another fun and easy idea for practice with tens and ones. All you need is craft sticks, a marker, and the recording sheet, which you can download at the post. It's from First Grade Bloomabilities, and you can click on the picture to find out how to play. Thanks, Lisa!

This is a game you might already use. Players roll a die, take base ten ones according to their roll, and trade up to tens until they get to the goal of your choice, whether it's 50 or 100.  {By the way, that game makes an awesome transition to trading pennies for dimes. Using both games sometimes turns the lightbulb on for some of your kiddos who might not quite have "gotten it" originally. After they have the concepts somewhat under control, try playing the game in both tens/ones and dimes/pennies on the same day!}  Deb Thomas at Oceans of First Grade Fun has these mats to make it cuter, plus lots of wonderful ideas and standards links from Debbie Diller's Work Stations in her post.

Lastly, just a quick mention again of my free emergent reader for place value. It's one of the Maddy and Matt books, a great way to connect math and literacy. Download it by clicking on the picture!
Happy Teaching!

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