Monday, January 13, 2014

Scoot Games Giveaway

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Well, it's been a while... sorry! I have about six half-finished posts that I'm working on and just can't seem to get together, so I'm just stopping by to give you two quick info bits!

I love the versatility of Scoot games. Use them for any size group. Use them as is for an up-and-scootin' game of Scoot, or use them as task cards, or post them around your classroom to get your students up and about again for Read the Room. I have a set of ten math Scoot games - addition, subtraction, inequalities, shapes, dimes and pennies (place value!), adding ten...

Three people will win the set at Teachers Notebook this week. Click on the cover if you'd like to be one of them!

Other breaking news: I've caved. I've taken the plunge. I'm in.

I've finally joined Facebook. I am Officially (ta-da!) Linda Nelson at Primary Inspiration.

Truth be told, I'm clueless at this point, but I'd love it if you'd click to become a fan. More fans, more inspiration to post freebies, sales, and other fun.

Please don't leave me feeling friendless. (so pathetic)

I can definitely tell you at this point that I won't be pestering you with lots of posts, since... as I said... clueless. But willing to learn. :) 

Happy Teaching .... and may you always be teaching students who are willing to learn! :)


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