Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pick-Up-and-Go Math Center

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I love when everything you need for a center "sticks together".  It prevents so many problems that arise when it seems like you're using/storing a MILLION center activities, most of which all too often are different shapes and sizes.

I like file folder games that have pockets (sealable ones, please!) for their card sets. I like board games that have the directions printed right on them, so I'm not thinking, "Ummm... how do you play this one again?" (I've been guilty of neglecting that one in the past!)

Here's a little math center activity that truly "sticks together", because you make it with a paint stir stick! It fits nicely with teaching function machines in Everyday Mathematics.

ugh! so frustrated! cannot get picture to rotate! sorry!

I find the good folks at Home Depot and Lowe's to be very generous with these (as they are with all of those lovely paint chips!), and you'll probably not be wanting more than a half dozen or so anyway.

The math here is kind of obviously for Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards, but using +/- ten cards or multiples of ten can easily extend it into Numbers and Operations in Base 10 (1.NBT.4,5,6, 2.NBT.5,8). There are some starter cards for you in the download, as well as a sheet of blank cards so you can suit these to your own level ... two digits? two digits with regrouping? multiplication?

The directions for making this little center are right on the download. Click and enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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  1. I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO UTILIZE THESE!! Great idea! Smiles and stop by anytime!


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