Sunday, September 8, 2013

Free Board Games... and Time for YOU to Get Creative!

Do you like making games? Are you always thinking of new and fun ways to present content to your students? Here's a freebie to help you out! It's a game board game that you can personalize to use with any skill you choose.

Long before there was a Teachers Pay Teachers or even an online teacher community, you could often find me on the floor of our family room, surrounded by sheets of poster board and piles of markers. I never was quite content with using the curriculum straight from the book, or with resources I could buy. Besides, I loved making games and activities for my students... and I still do!

Aren't those little pups from A Sketchy Guy  the cutest?!?
To help give you some ideas for getting started, I also included these two completed games!

Click on any of the images to download the whole Puppy Love set from Google Drive.

Have a great time with these! If you're interested in more blank game boards like this one, I have sets for three grade levels in my TpT store, along with ideas for using them with your own curriculum.


Click to see sets for kindergarten and first grade, second grade and third grade, and fourth and fifth grade.

Happy Creating... and Happy Teaching!


  1. I LOVE the puppy/bone game. Thank you so much! Its so great to share and find others' ideas.
    Mary Ann


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