Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time for Earth Day, and An Earth Day Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

April is zipping right along, and we're quickly headed toward Earth Day. I'm a big proponent of
cross-curricular teaching. How else can all of those Core standards be addressed in a five hour day... or for that matter, in an eight hour day, right?

So, here are some cross-curricular Common Core resources to help you do just that!

First up is a math set. There's telling time, word problems, telling time, dominoes for matching representations for multiples of ten (e.g. 30 = 3 tens = 3 dimes = 50-20 = 10+20, etc.), and practice with adding and subtracting ones and tens.


Here are the literacy resources: sorting and graphing words by their syllables, reading phrases for fluency, identifying elements within words, and alphabetizing.

Want to get more and save a dollar? Here's the combo bundle!

This freebie is from the math set. I love it because it combines math skills with strategizing! Click on it to get yours! Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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