Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Subtraction Freebie!

Hello, Everyone!

Well, it's definitely spring in New Jersey - 85 degrees yesterday and close to 80 again today! Daffodils, crocuses, singing birds, magnolia blossoms, and poppin' up perennials are filling our yard and gardens...glorious!!

Is spring fever hitting your classroom? There's nothing quite like trying to teach math to a group of little ones fresh from a half hour of recess on the playground in spring. I know, it's sooo good for their little bodies and brains, but it does make keeping the academic focus more of a challenge!
Hopefully, this subtraction game will help get the brains back on track.

Enjoy your freebie!

If you're looking for more math games to keep addition and subtraction motivating for your students this spring, take a look at 120 Chart Math Games for Spring and Spring into Summer One Page Math Games for First Grade.

Happy Teaching!


  1. I WISH spring fever was hitting us. Instead we got 10+ inches of snow today. What?!!!

    Enjoy the warmth and thanks for the freebie. :)

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. Oh, Irene, that's crazy!! Where are you? I've been reading about some really wild weather across so much of the country.
      We've been very fortunate to have this lovely week. It was about 20 degrees colder the day after our 80 degree days, but 60 in April is just perfect, thank you! :)
      Hold on to the freebie- I hope your spring starts very soon!



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