Saturday, March 23, 2013

National Puppy Day Freebie... and a Another Celebration!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Today is National Puppy Day. Who knew? Not me!

But since it just popped up on my daily Zulily email, here's a pic of our own puppy, Luke. Well, he's not quite a puppy anymore.He's more of a grumpy old man who only gets up when the UPS truck needs growling at. He's actually our daughter's dog, and he's a rescue dog! Poor Lukie was abandoned at the roadside of a closed shelter in Arkansas, where he and his two buddies, Billy and Skippy, were left outside in a cage for two weeks, unfed and totally eaten up by mosquitoes. Which explains why he has no front teeth (tried to chew his way out of the cage) and also spent 2 years battling heartworm.

 I've also been looking for a way to celebrate the fact that...

This little blog o' mine just had its half-millionth view!!!!
                                        (thanks so very much to all of you for the visits and encouragement!!)

... so I've decided it would be fun to offer my Counting with Pups and Kitties on the 120 Chart FREE for today only!

Click on the image to head over and get yours... offer ends Saturday evening, 3/23, at 9:00 Eastern daylight savings time.  Hurry on over today, collect yours, and take a peek at what else is new!

Happy Teaching!




  1. Thank you for the cute freebie!

  2. You're welcome, Kelly! I hope your first graders enjoy the games! :)


  3. Ah, I just got your post in my e-mail this am! Bummer, why does blogger have to wait so long to deliver? - I missed it:( Congrats Linda on all your traffic on your blog:)

  4. Awww, so sorry, Dinah! I didn't even know that there was a delay in sending out the posts! Stay tuned ,'though, because I like to do lots of kinds of little giveaways, and maybe you'll get in on the next one! In fact, watch for a blog hop of freebies coming up at the end of this week!



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