Thursday, March 14, 2013

New for Spring... Plus a Bunny Freebie!

Dear Teaching Friends,

After a stretch of doing lots of revising but really losing steam on posting new products, I've finished a few new resources, and want to share them with you.

I love these sweet snails from The Hazel Owl, and just knew I had to use them on some kind of card set. Well, here's the little card set that grew and grew...

Your students will match ten frames, tally marks, numerals, number words, dimes and pennies combinations, and  Base10 longs and cubes for the numbers one through 24. The numeral card set actually goes all the way to 60, so you'll find lots of other uses for it (sequencing, comparing, war games, etc). Plus, to heighten your students awareness of the pattern of skip counting by twos, all of the even number cards in each set have a cute little snail on them!

Next up is a literacy item, "Building Sentences: Baby Animals in Spring". The building sentences resources at my TPT store have been popular among K-1 teachers. I hope you'll click to take a look at this set for the pocketchart center.


The last item is actually a collection of two other math game sets. The bundle includes 12 games and center activities, with options that will extend it into even more activities.

Here's what's inside!

What busy little bunnies your students will be!

Now for the freebie!
Here's a partner game for adding one. You can get it free when you download the preview of "Mr. Cottontail on the Bunny Trail", but since you've been so patient through this very long post, I thought I'd give you the alternative of just downloading it right here! Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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