Tuesday, March 6, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Math Freebie for the Hundred Chart!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Today I want to tell you about this free set of  Lucky Numbers Hundred Chart Games.  These simple games are MAGIC for math review on the hundred chart! Fun for St. Patrick's Day, especially when you use fun little erasers like rainbows and pots of gold as game board markers. 🍀 Use them for the 100th Day of School, too!

Hundred chart and 120 chart games are a great way to work on number sequence, counting and matching one-to-one, counting on, and sometimes even a bit of addition, subtraction, and place value.

These Lucky Numbers hundred chart games are low prep and super simple to play, but my first graders have loved them over the years!  The games all use a hundred chart as the game board (print the St. Patrick's one that's in this pack, or just use your own).  Players roll two dice, add, and move ahead that many spaces.

So, what's new about that?? Well, read on! 

What makes these games extra fun is the **Lucky Numbers** twist.  Each set of players has a task card with a different set of lucky numbers. When a player's turn lands him on one of those numbers, he  moves ahead ten spaces, which to a first grader is almost as good as winning an extra recess!

Seriously, kids think they're playing a new game whenever they get a new set of numbers, so they want to play again, and again, and ...   😊 Meanwhile, there's lots of addition practice as well as some bonus practice with moving ahead ten on the hundred chart.

Click here or on the picture to get your free set!

Find more 120 chart games like the ones shown here when you visit my TPT store!

Happy Teaching!


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