Friday, March 9, 2012

Fact Family Freebie (from the Depot!)

I always love finding a new use for something unexpected - like these paint chips from Home Depot!
Don't they make a great way to practice fact families?

I was originally thinking of flowers, but they'd be awfully cute as pinwheels on a bulletin board, maybe with straws as the stick handles. So put on your "hi-I'm-a-teacher-could-I-PLEASE-get-some-of-these-for-my-classroom" face and head over to the Depot. I've always found them to be super helpful and generous in the past!

Thinking about that... while you're there. look at the extra long paint stirrer sticks. Put an alphabet letter on the end of the stick and send your little guys out to read the room.  Have uppercase, find lowercase, or find the letter the comes before/after the one on the stick, etc.

Let's get some idea sharing going! Do you have another idea for the paint chips or the stirrer sticks? Or maybe some other treasure you've made from a find at the Depot or Loews? Leave a comment!

                       Have a great weekend!

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