Tuesday, March 6, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Freebies - LOTS of Them!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

If you're looking for some fun learning activities for St. Patrick's Day, and if you're thinking it would be great not to spend any of your leprechaun gold to get them, them head over to the St. Patrick's Day Linky Party at Classroom Confections. Molly has collected 28 great free items for you to choose from. Even if you download your favorites today, you might check back tomorrow and find a bunch of new goodies, since teacher/authors will be joining this party right up until the big day!

My free set of  Lucky Numbers Hundred Chart Games are there.  These games are low prep and super simple to play, but my first graders have loved them!  They all use a hundred chart as the game board (print the St. Paddy's one that's in this pack, or just use your own).  Players roll two dice and add. What makes these games fun is the **Lucky Numbers** twist.  Each set of players has a task card with a different set of lucky numbers. When you land on one of those numbers, you move ahead 10.

Seriously, they think they're playing a new game whenever they get a new set of numbers. Meanwhile, there's lots of addition practice as well as moving ahead ten on the chart.

Click here or on the picture to get your free set!

{You can also find these free in the preview of my 100th Day of School Math Power Pack, because, you know - hundred charts!}

Happy Teaching!


  1. The link looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    Saint Patrick’s Day

  2. Glad you like it! There's something there for everyone, don't you think?



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