Friday, January 8, 2021

MORE Third Grade Math Riddles for 1 through 120!

Third grade teachers, I'm SO happy to share that the second set of number sense riddles for 1 through 120 is finally completed!

So, what are these riddles all about?

Each of the cards in this set has two to three clues that lead to a number between 1 and 120.  As your students progress through the clues, they'll narrow the options for which numbers might be the answer, until the last clue brings them down to just one number.

Here's an example.

Solving a riddle is great for daily spiral review and most definitely motivating - have you ever had a student who didn't like riddles?  But there's so much more that you can do with these cards!

Listen to some of the conversations that might happen beyond the solving if you were to use this card as the basis for a number talk. Note the great opportunitites to differentiate.

    "Can you switch out 8X11 and 100-7 to other expressions and still get the same final answer?"

    "Is there a quick way to tell if a number is odd or even?"

    "Is 5 a multiple of 10 or a factor of 10?  Explain..."

    "Can you substitute a new clue for the final clue and still get the same answer?"

    "Let's create a whole new riddle for this number."

And, of course, always, "How do you know? Explain your thinking."

See what I mean?  If you're teaching your students virtually, try giving your students the riddle of the day ahead of time, with the dual assignment of solving it AND coming up with a math talk question about the riddle.

How are teachers using these riddles?

* Using one or more each day is a great way to keep math vocabulary and concepts active in the minds of your students.

* Take a screenshot of any page and use with Seesaw or your favorite app so your students can solve these right on their devices.

* Practice comprehension skills across the curriculum by "thinking aloud" to model identifying key details, inferring, and drawing conclusions.

* In a small group or with partners, use the printable and task card activities. Great for small groups and math centers!

* Use math riddles as a sponge activity throughout the day.

* The riddle cards are a productive use of learning time for fast finishers or for enrichment.

*  Level up or down to differentiate with individual students or small groups.  See riddles for first and second grade here, and for fourth and fifth grade here.

You might be wondering what math topics these riddle cards address.  Here's a quick rundown of the topics/vocabulary in this set.
*  Addition and subtraction through 1,000
*  Multiplication and division facts
*  Products, factors, multiples
*  US coins and measurement
*  Area and perimeter
*  Attributes of 2D and 3D shapes

Are you ready to try this free set of six? Click here or on the picture below to download them now and try them with your students!

Happy Teaching!

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