Saturday, December 12, 2020

Making the Old New Again ... With a Winter Math Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friend!

Everything old is new again, or so I've heard.

I've been spending a lot of time revising some of my older resources lately ... content, covers, descriptions, the whole deal, making the old new.  We all need a bit of a makeover, or at least an update, once in a while right? And some of these old gals haven't had one since (gulp) 2012!  Whoa! Where DOES time go?

I especially want to share the resource that I finished up today. If you had the original version of this winter math freebie, I think you definitely deserve the shiny new update!

Your preschool and kindergarten students will have fun matching, sorting, and sequencing these 40 cards. Each card has a representation of a number from one through ten. And, of course, every card has
those cute snowball monsters.

This set is also included in this bundle of winter math resources for PreK and K.  


Lots of hands-on learning... graphing, teen number clip cards, composing ten, names for numbers, subitizing, comparing numbers, and more.  

These are ideal activities for...

* Math centers
* Small groups
* Math intervention / RtI
* Modeling and teaching on your interactive board

But my favorite way to use these?  Morning tubs! Do you use morning tubs?  Social distancing?, Rethink these as take-it-to-your-desk centers. If you laminate the cards and boards and spray or wipe  them after use (assuming that's acceptable in your school, as it is in many), you'll get loads of use from these when you put them in rotation this winter!

Thanks for stopping by... and enjoy your math freebie!

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