Friday, March 8, 2019

Pi Day Fun in the Primary Grades

Don't you just love a good math holiday, an event that reminds our students that math is fun? Here comes Pi Day, and yes, it's for the primary grades, too!

Of course, the math behind pi is tough stuff for our littles. but the idea of a number that goes on infinitely without repeating - well, we all know how they LOVE the idea of infinity and totally feel like big shots when they use the word!

Here are a few quick ideas to help you introduce Pi Day to your students.

  • Get that "WOW" response from your primary students by showing them this display of the first 10,000 digits of pi on your interactive board, courtesy of The University of Utah.
  • What is pi? Well, it isn't pie (although there's no doubt that plenty of pies will be floating around schools on March 14th!)  Here's a Greek alphabet to show your students.  See if they can find some similarities to the English alphabet.
  • And then there's that decimal point. After you introduce the term, show your students how to read pi as "3-point-1-4-15-9-2-6', etc. It's also a great moment for making a connection with reading amounts of money, where the decimal point of course is read as "and". 

I've put together a set of Pi Day activities for the primary grades ... and you can sample one of them free right now, for a limited time! Read on for the details!

These activities are different from most that you'll see. First of all, these are all math activities that practice math skills, like addition, subtraction, and using the 120 chart.  They are not craftivities or coloring pages. There's a color-by-number pi sign page (lower left above), but then it turns into a (drum roll....) math game!

Let's take a closer look!

Here's the color-by-number activity.

If you have lots of time or plan to do several days of pi activities, have your students color the page using the code one day and use the completed pages to play the game the next day. But if you're short on time, just print copies of the answer key and use those as your game boards, along with the set of directions that's included.

You'll also find two 120 chart games in this set, "Happy Pi Day" and "PI, Not Pie!", both for practice with skills like add/subtract one and add/subtract ten. Games with hundred charts and 120 charts are good practice for our firsties.  These are games that you'll use long beyond Pi Day!

What else is in this Pi Day set? Two easy prep addition and subtraction games  - just print and add dice!

Click here or on any of the pictures above to see this set of six activities at my store.

Now, how about that free game?

Would you like to receive the Making Pi addition game pictured above PLUS more than 20 other K-5 math freebies for March? You can get them all with no subscription - no loop - no obligation right now by clicking here!

... and since this is such a busy week coming up, you'll also appreciate these St. Patrick's Day freebies that you'll find in the same download! ☘️

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Happy Teaching!

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