Saturday, March 3, 2018

Beat Spring Fever with a Spring Math Game Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Has Spring Fever struck in your classroom yet? We all know that it takes just one day of nice weather to get it going ... a sunny day of warm winds blowing on the playground ...

And after Spring Break? Well, that's another thing that we all know:  you're going to need every trick you've got to keep your students' attention!

What's the A#1 way to keep your students engaged in learning, even when Spring Fever has taken hold? Keep sprinkling the learning with fun!

And what's the easiest way to keep things fun AND keep the learning moving forward, too?  My vote goes to GAMES!!  Games are a wonderful learning tool all year, but in spring, they can be a sanity-saver!

*  When your students are playing games, chances are great that they're going to stay focused longer, and that means they'll be getting more practice, no matter what skill the games are designed to reinforce.

*  Playing games will also continue to promote the social skills that you've been teaching all year, like taking turns, using kind and respectful language, being a good loser ... and a gracious winner, too!

*  When your students are playing games and you've established rules that will help them be independent, you'll be able to carve out some time for one-on-one end of year tasks, like reviewing portfolios and testing.

Second grade teachers, here's my latest set of math games for your classroom, 15 spring games for addition, subtraction, and place value. 

All of the games are just one page, truly easy-prep! All of the games come in both color and black & white - nice for sending home for extra practice, and a great homework alternative! Plus, no cards to print means no cards to lose! These games are a super easy way to fill your math centers and math rotations for spring.

The games in this set were designed to build your students' number sense. Many of them also promote strategic thinking, like making the choice whether to add or subtract on a turn, or where to place a line to complete a square, or whether it's a better strategy to play your move or block your opponent.

Would you like to try a free game from this set?

Here's "Every Birdie's Adding",  loaded with opportunities for strategic thinking! Click to download your copy!

Happy Teaching!

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