Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Updates and Freebies!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Thanks for hanging in with me on this poor neglected little blog! Grab a mug of hot chocolate (candy cane stirrer and nice big squirt of whipped cream preferred!) and settle in to read for just a bit. I'd like to share a few updates and freebies with you today!

I've been busy updating and adding to winter resources like this one, Winter Word Work.

This set has seven literacy games and activities that are perfect for your winter centers as well as small groups. All of the activities are built around core winter vocabulary like shovel, icicles, snow, slide, mittens, shiver, skate, and 23 more. You'll find activities in this set that will get your students to look closely at these words, like noun/verb sorts, alphabetical order, small group vocabulary bingo, and word cubes with task cards. There's even a set of 30 riddle cards (you can see some in the picture above) and a board game to use with them.

This set of winter subtract-and-color games was also recently updated. How fun is it to play a subtraction game (alone or with a partner) that can then become a cute decoration for classroom windows or a bulletin board!

There are five games in this first grade set now, perfect for a math lesson or center activity when your firsties are particularly wiggly... like, any day in December!

There are a few other new winter resources in my TpT store ( click here to see them all), but here's one last resource, a Christmas math set that I don't want you to miss!

These ten one-page games are a great way to review first grade math topics all month. The bonus for YOU is that they are truly no prep. All you need to do is print the single page (no cards!! yippee!!), laminate, and give your students dice and erasable markers. You can make it even easier and save on color ink, too, by printing the blackline version that's included for all ten games - make them for one time use and you won't even need to laminate! Check them out here.

And now for those freebies!

This one is an oldie but goodie, and great for December math!

These six  December graphs are definitely in line with the standards, in case any administrator happens to pop in! There's even a cover included, so you can turn your graphs into a class book!

This freebie was previously featured on a collaborative blog, but I don't think I've ever shared it here. Roll a die, double the number, and then add two. The first player to mark four spaces in a row is the winner. Just click on the picture to download your copy.

This one-page addition strategy game is a bonus add-on to a free set of three addition strategy games that you can find here in my TpT store.

Have fun with your kiddos in the busy days ahead!

Happy Teaching!

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