Saturday, September 30, 2017

Here's What's New for Fourth Grade, Plus a Math Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Fourth grade friends, I've been hard at work and have some new resources to share with you today... including this freebie!

Well, yes, this IS Primary Inspiration, and yes, the focus is usually on K-3 around here. 😊 But I've been branching out a bit, and want to show you a bit of that here today. If you have friends that teach fourth or fifth grade, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this with your upper grade buddies! Thanks so much!

Let's take a closer look at how your free game works!

All of my Thumbs Up games  (K-4th) are played the same way: your students read numerical expressions appropriate to the skills at their grade level and decide if each one is Thumbs Up true or Thumbs Down false.

Here's how a game looks. There's a page of cards to cut apart, plus the answer key, as you see in this set for factors. You'll cut apart the white cards, but not the answer key, of course.

The complete set at each grade level also includes several formats for sorting the answer cards.

Use the full page cards shown above for a partner game. There's also a one page format that a student can use independently. Want to use these on your document camera for a whole class game? You'll love the jumbo thumbs up/thumbs down printables. They're a fun way for students to show you their responses, and for you to do a quick scan to see who else might need some extra help.

Here are the topics included in the complete fourth grade set of ten games, with Common Core Standards included for those of you who use them:

♦ Factors of numbers through 100 (4.OA.B.4)

♦ Compare two fractions with different numerators & different denominators (4.NF.A.2)

♦ Compare Decimals , >,<,= (4.NF.C.7)

♦ Compare and Order Decimals (4.NF.C.7)

♦ Add & Subtract Whole Numbers Through 1,000,000, standard algorithm (4.NBT.B.4)

♦  Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number (4.NBT.B.5)

♦  Multiply two two-digit numbers (4.NBT.B.5)

♦  Express measurements in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit (4.MD.1)

♦  2D and 3D Shapes, Multiplication, Addition

Remember to give the freebie above a try, then head here to see the complete sets.

So, what else is new for fourth grade?  If you're teaching about the states, take a look at this set.

How will this set of riddle and matching cards do more for your students than any set of flash cards from a dollar store can do?

   1. Because there are so many different card sets, this resource can be succesful for many learning                styles. Some of your students will find the blanks for the letters in state names to be a good visual          support for them, while others will benefit from the supportive multiple choice format of another           set. Some learners will benefit from state outline maps, while others will prefer to use the US map          that's included for reference.

   2.  This set includes student recording sheets and answer keys for all four sets of riddle cards.     
        Greater independence and accountability for your students!

   3.  Because they card sets can be mixed and matched so many ways, your students will build      
       connections between the facts , and that definitely helps in committing those facts to memory.

   4.  The very fact that there are so many cards in this resource - 350!! - means that your students       
        will use them again and again without getting bored. More practice = greater success!

Each set includes cards for all of the 50 states. 

I hope this will be just what you need to help your fourth graders knock US Geography out of the ballpark! Click here to see it.

Happy Teaching!

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