Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Mushy Stuff {freebies!}

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Is your classroom filled with hearts, and your heart filled with love? Valentines Day can't be far away! I though I'd make it even easier for you to send out those warm fuzzy feelings by gathering a few of my free items in one post.

First, the math freebies!

Add, subtract, and sort by odd/even.

Do some of your kiddos think any three numbers in any order make a fact family? Try these fact family clip cards.

Teen numbers can be mighty tricky for for some of our kindergarteners. This set will have them matching numerals to base ten and ten frame representations.

Addition and subtraction on the number line with those same sweet Love Bugs!

Here's a printable for skip counting by two's...

... or for something more hands-on, there's this set. Phew! Finally something red, after all that pinkness!

Double Trouble Hearts is a board game for adding doubles. Trivia Tidbit: There's a state park in NJ called Double Trouble Park.

And now, some literacy freebies!

Here's a game for practicing the /ar/ chunk.

A set of opposites matching cards.

Do you have a Buddy Class?  Here are two freebies that work great for that, because they're useful across grade levels.

You can find lots more Valentines Day learning sprinkled with fun here.

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy your freebies and have a wonderful Valentines Day with your little sweethearts!

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