Thursday, January 26, 2017

120 New Math Riddles for First & Second Grade ... and a Free Sample, Too!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

As the 100th day of school approaches for many of you, I'm thrilled to be offering a brand new set of one of my favorite resources, 120 Riddles for the 120 Chart.

These riddle cards are a fun way to build number sense and review skills like addition and subtraction through 20, place value, adding and subtracting tens, coins (pennies, nickels, and dimes), odd and even numbers, and comparison signs.

The original set of one hundred multi-step riddle cards for the numbers 1-100 has been through a number of revisions, notably adding in riddles for 101 through 120 and adding a projectable version which allows you to easily use the riddles on your interactive board and handheld devices. 

If you are among the more than 5,000 teachers who own the set, be sure to download the most recent update!

See the original set (Set 1) here.

Although you'll find this riddle set to be perfect for your 100th Day celebration, there are so many other uses for these cards.  From teacher comments at my TpT store, here are some of the ways that teachers are using their riddle cards.

Angie suggested using a few riddles as a math lesson warm-up.

Gabrielle uses a riddle card to introduce the number of the day

Heidi says, "Great way to get the kids talking about numbers and exploring the 120 chart!"

Another buyer said she uses them for calendar time and finds them easy to differentiate. 

Amy uses them as a sponge activity between lessons.

Jan uses these riddles to build number sense and ease math anxiety.

Karen uses these cards to reinforce specific math concepts.

Lisa uses them once a week for problem solving.

Kathie G. says, "Perfect for whole group, small group, or even as a filler for when you have a few minutes between activities."

Another buyer uses the riddle cards for "Out the Door" cards as her students line up to leave the classroom.
A teacher uses them with her afterschool tutoring club.

Title I teacher Darlene uses them with partners and small groups.

Kristina uses riddle cards as an early finisher activity with her document camera

Jacqueline H. says, "I use it as a center activity in my grade 3 class, great reinforcement of concepts they should know."

Another buyer uses them for morning bellwork, and sometimes has her students write their own riddles and share them.

Laureen took the poster version of this resource and turned it into a book for the math library -  so clever! 

So, reading all of these wonderful ideas and comments (thank you, thank you - do you know how much TpT authors LOVE your feedback??), I got to thinking that many teachers who are using these riddles might be running out of riddle cards around this time of year.  

Every one of the riddles in Set 2 is totally new.  Even the graphics are new - adorable goldfish from Ashley Hughes at TpT.

Here's a closer look.

Click here to see them at my TpT store!

Would you like to try a few before you buy? Click here to download a free sample set of twelve riddle cards from the latest set!

Happy Teaching!


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