Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pirate Day Math!

Yo Ho, Teacher Friends!

It's September, so in primary grade classrooms, it's time for fall colors, Johnny Appleseed, and ... pirate fun! Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th, has become a fiesta of phenomenal fun in schools, with books, games, songs, and lots of eye patches and pirate lingo.

So, why not join in the festivities by making Friday the 18th Pirate Day in your classroom? Get on board the pirate ship now for some math activities your little learners will have a blast with!

Keep it simple by starting out with classroom games that you already use. Since these are games your students already know, or that you'll definitely want to teach them for use throughout the year, you'll be saving yourself some time in the long run. Here are a few examples for easy ways to switch up old favorites.

* If you play an ordinary game of  Top It while you're wearing an eyepatch, it's suddenly a pirate game!  This works like a charm with anything.  Review flashcards with a partner? Yes, please! Read the Room with subtraction facts? More! More!

* Number fact bingo is fun anyway, but on Talk Like a Pirate Day, let the little winning matey call out something fun like "Yo Ho!" or "Walk the Plank!"

* Are you practicing skip counting by fives?  Try having all of your students stand in a circle and count aloud by ones, one at a time around the circle. Here's the Pirate Twist: whenever the number is a multiple of five, that child says "Aaaargh!" instead of the number.

Are you starting off your year teaching place value? Here's a free I Have, Who Have game for you!
Click here to get your copy!

These games take a little more preparation, but if your kids love pirates, you'll find yourself using them all year, even when it's not Pirate Day!

Five pirate-themed math resources for K-2:  

* 12 games for adding and subtracting multiples of ten

* Buried treasure on the number line - 135 addition and subtraction clue cards, number lines, a cut-and-glue assessment page, and a board game

* Pirate addition games, 10 easy-prep one page games for sums of 2-12, sums of ten, addition doubles, addition doubles plus one, and three addends with sums of 18 or less

* Pirate's Bounty Fact Sort, a game for addition and subtraction facts 10-20

* Addition Doubles Games,  3 four-in a-row strategy games (this one's a freebie!)

You can get them all separately, but you'll save by buying them bundled!

Happy Teaching!


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