Saturday, May 2, 2015

Think SUMMER?? Summer Resources to Keep the Fun in Learning!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Think SUMMER? Doesn't it feel like the last flakes just fell, the winter coats just got put away, the first robin just arrived?

But as soon as a really warm day comes along, the play at recess takes on a different tone (and the afternoon in the classroom takes on the distinctive aroma of dirt ... seriously, do they all just roll in it once the warm weather comes???) and little minds turn to thoughts of ice cream trucks and swimming pools. And suddenly, they can't possibly think of anything else. :)

And so, good teachers follow their lead and turn their teaching to where the learning will happen, to themes of watermelon and picnics and camping. All of that's actually okay with us, of course, since those who are already counting the days at this point are also somewhat poolside mentally! :)

If you're looking for some new summer resources that will also keep your little ones busy reviewing all that you've worked so hard to teach this year, here are a few from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

For your K's-getting-ready-for-first, here's a set of story cards for summer. Story cards are great for your newest readers and especially for those who are just a little bit reluctant to commit to this whole reading thing. You know who they are, right?  At just one page and about six to eight lines of text, your reluctant readers can see the end of each story is never too far away. These stories are super for buddy reading and great fluency builders.

Each story card comes in three formats, bringing in options for writing sight words, too. There are also sight word cards filled with the popsicles and watermelon your kiddos are dreaming of.

Here are a few more items for summer ... just click on the image to see the details. I hope you'll find just what you need to keep that countdown movin' along and keep the learning happening, too!!



Happy Teaching!


  1. I had just read an interesting activity for summer, but it was for older students (see Travel Brochure under summer reading... I can now see a use for it using your wonderful story cards. Once they are done reading a card they can write about where it took place in their neighborhood, or park, etc. Great parent/child project.

    1. I love the home-school connection on this one, Mark. Thanks so much for sharing!


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