Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Ladybug Freebies ... in Their New Homes!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time for more spring cleaning at my TpT store, so I thought I'd start by sweeping out some of the bugs!

Apparently at some point in time I was simultaneously obsessed with ladybugs and suffering from memory loss, because there are were three ladybug freebies in my store. Oops.

These two ladybug games, previously at my store, will now be housed at Google Drive and accessible only here.

The first is a short u game, Ladybug, Ladybug. Get it here.

The second is a programmable game board, March of the Ladybugs. This is programmable, but not editable. In other words, you can print the board and then write in whatever skill you want your students to practice. There's a game board, blank cards, and two sets of cubes and spinners. Click here to download.

I decided to leave the last set at my store. Can't have a store with no ladybugs, after all! It's called Ladybug Lane. It's a set of two Common Core games for first grade math with a 120 board game and a set of cards for a battle game - doubles and near doubles addition facts. Click here to see it at my store.

Sorry if this post is confusing, but I hope that it will help some of you discover at least one freebie that's brand new to you! Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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