Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Seasoned Freebies Find New Homes!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Have you ever been in a meeting where some of the less-than-young teachers are referred to as "old teachers"? If doesn't much matter whether you're 59 or 29, it's just not the most endearing title in the world. I've heard the term veteran teachers, which kind of makes it sound like we've been in the trenches... well, some days... yes, that's true! I've also heard the title "seasoned teachers", and I kind of like that one!

So, here are some freebies that are "seasoned". I'm a believer in once-free-always-free, but I know that my store also needed some housecleaning.  These freebies have been at TpT for a while. In fact, both were included in earlier editions of the famous TpT Freebie Ebooks.  Now I've shined up these oldies but goodies and moved them to a new home here!

The first freebie is a set of cut-apart puzzles for the 120 chart.

You can now find these six puzzles in two places. They're free in the preview of Rowdy Robots ~ Activities for the 120 Chart. Coincidentally ... no, really, coincidentally! ... this set is half price today (12/11/14) for the My Favorite Things Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Or you can download the puzzles from Google Drive by clicking here.

The second freebie is a fun December activity that will build your students' familiarity with the vocabulary specific to this month's holidays. It will put a little bit of shaking action in your literacy centers, with the hope of channeling some of that extra energy all your little learners have this month!
You'll now find Shake-a-Bottle for December Holidays only here on this blog, downloadable at Google Drive.

Enjoy these seasoned freebies ... with a little extra oregano and thyme, or whatever suits your fancy! ;)
Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Downloads

Happy Teaching!


  1. Ha, I guess I'm a "seasoned" teacher, too!
    It's funny because I seem to be the only one who doesn't realize time has passed - I still feel incredibly young! Thanks for the freebies - you can NEVER have enough practice with the 120 chart and the shake-it bottle will be a fun new activity for my students!
    Have a great week, Jen

    1. Your comment made me smile, Jen. I still feel young in so many ways (most days!). I retired far younger than I ever thought I would, done in by the Deadly Duo of a very bad back and exhaustion. But I have the joy of staying connected with teachers and kids by creating classroom resources!

      re. the young/old thing: It's always been my opinion that the kids keep you young, but the teaching makes you old. As far as the kids: who gets to laugh and have fun in a workday more than teachers? As far as the teaching: standards, observations, reports, higher hoops to jump through every year ... nuff said.

      You have a great week, too!


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