Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Books - Share Your Favorites!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Every teacher builds a nice, fat collection of favorite books for every holiday, all school year long. and every year, the collection grows by a few more, because - well, you all know how it goes. A good book is irresistible!

Here are two of my Thanksgiving favorites ... just a picture and a short sweet tag.

A quick read, fair-sized dose of facts, adorably illustrated - and you can even sing it! Perfect!

Story told well, interesting notes at the end of the book, but the thing I love  most is these little side dialogues, like in the picture above. Packed with info, sometimes humorously presented, ... your kiddos will love sitting afterwards and reading these with a buddy.

The last on my favorites list is Friendship's First Thanksgiving. To read more about it, and to collect the free activity pack you see here, I hope you'll check out my post at Teaching Blog Roundup.

Please share the name of your favorite Thanksgiving book in a comment below!

Happy Teaching!

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