Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Riddles with Two-Digit Numbers - Aye, Me Mateys!

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I love creating resources that sneak a lot of learning into a bit of fun. Games, riddles, puzzles, ... learning in a fun package!

So, here's a taste of some more of that kind of learning. These riddles for two-digit numbers are elimination puzzles. Your students will read 4 or 5 clues and compare the answers to a set of nine numbers, crossing out the relevant numbers. The number that's left at the end is the Pirate's Secret Treasure Number.


Here are some examples of the kinds of riddles your students will be solving.

"It's not greater than 7+19."

"It's not an odd number."

"It's not 41+ 22 or 51 + 32."

"It's not half of 100."

"It's not a number that you can make using only nickels."

"It's not a number with two different digits."

Lots of thinking, with lots of variation in level of difficulty.  There are 24 cards in all, plus a student response page with answer key. Use them as task cards for math centers, for early finishers, or as bell ringers. These cards are great to use for a skills rotation, with your students moving around the classroom either alone or with a partner, solving as they go. Or just put one of the riddles up on your doc camera when you have a few minutes - a super sponge activity, loaded with lots of Common Core content practice!

Click here to see this set at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Would you like to try a sample? Just click on this cover and enjoy!


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