Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Practicing Opposites with the Gingerbread Elves ...Hidden Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

We had another light dusting of snow this morning at the Jersey Shore. The fat cardinals are having a happy time of it this morning, popping the "berries" in our ornamental pear tree!

Certain concepts seem so basic, it's like, "How can they not  understand this?" But obviously, sometimes some of our students just don't. So we go back to the drawing board to invent yet another way to present and to practice the concept.

Opposites are an example of that. Sometimes the concept just begs for some more repetition.

You'll find some fun seasonal repetition of the concept of opposites in this set. Opposites word cards (21 pairs), two board games, and a read the room activity with recording sheet.

Here's your hidden freebie: Download the free preview for this set at either Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers and you'll find this opposites reference chart. Use it as a reference for games, or give copies to pairs of students and watch them bounce the words back and forth like this...



Okay. No quiet this week, only noisy.  :)

Reminder: Stop by my Teachers Notebook Shop from now through Thursday, 12/19, to win one of three sets of Hundred Chart Games: 20 Games for Ten Primary Themes.


Happy Teaching!

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