Sunday, July 14, 2013

Expressions for Numbers - All Shined Up!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I've been spending quite a bit of time over the past weeks polishing up my resources. It's been just over two years that I've been selling my products, and I do blush when I go back to some of the earliest ones! I've done a lot to update some of the early products, but once in a while, I get thinking about something more recent and realize that there are already ways to "shine it up"!

That's the case with "Who Has Less?". 

Now, before I tell you what I've added to this one-week-old little baby,  let me just say that if you liked my best-selling 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart, then this one is for you, too!

Click to see it at TPT or at TN.

Here's why I'd recommend this set for you. Both of these resources are about numerical expressions for the numbers one to 100. "100 Riddles" has 100 three-step riddle cards, like these.


As you can see, there's more than math involved in solving these ... they require logic and elimination of possibilities. Most of the teachers I've heard from seem to be using them as a group activity, either in a Morning Meeting setting. at calendar time, or as part of the math teaching block.

"Who Has Less?" is a bit different. These cards can be used just like those above, but are actually designed for a comparing numbers game, suitable for a small group or math center. Instead of a riddle, there is just one "clue" on each card, like this set of six cards.

Click here to see "Who Has Less?" at TPT or TN.

So, what did I do to polish up "Who Has Less?" ? {strange looking punctuation ? ?}  Well, instead of 35 number expression cards, there are now 59. And, maybe what you'll like even more, an answer key is also included now, meaning greater independence for your students as they play the game! Yay for them, and woo-hoo for you as you try to teach small groups uninterrupted!

Moving right along...

Have you heard about the giveaway  at Tiny Toe's blog? She's celebrating lots of zeros - good ones!!- like 250 followers at Teachers Pay Teachers. There are so many prizes in this giveaway that the K-2 section filled up before I could even offer my donation! So instead, you'll find my Hundred Riddles Intermediate version in the grades 3-5 section. Click on the button to see what else you could win!

Just a reminder to stop by tomorrow for Monday Morning Inspiration. What kind of inspiration will this week's linky party provide for you to keep you rolling on those projects for the upcoming school year? Well, two words as hints for you... 1. D├ęcor. 2. FREE!  So stop by tomorrow, and get your links (and your printers!) ready!


Happy Teaching!


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