Saturday, March 2, 2013

Growing Spring Vocabulary with Writing and Math!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Spring is just around the corner!

It's somewhat of a tradition in most kindergarten and first grade classes to list the signs of spring or any new season with your students. The discussions involved are a great way to build vocabulary!

One fun way to do this is to write a chart list of spring words together. In addition to building spring vocabulary, shared writing is a great opportunity to put phonics knowledge to work, with your students saying words slowly and writing the sounds they hear.

An extra benefit of shared writing is also a chance for you to do some informal assessment of not just phonics knowledge, but handwriting, too!

Use your chart to refer back to throughout spring. Hang it near your writing center. Short on space? Make a few smaller copies of the chart to keep in the writing center - your children can take a copy to their desks to write. For so many little learners, that's much easier visually than trying to look back and forth from their paper to the chart, finding their place on the chart and their paper over and over again.

Here's another way to bring spring vocabulary into your classroom, this time via your math center. It's a spring graphing freebie!

Roll a die and graph the signs of spring with this freebie. Your download includes both color and grayscale versions. Use this for a whole class lesson on your document camera, or put individual copies in your spring math centers.  Click to download your copy!

Here are a few more spring resources to build reading and math skills!

Happy Teaching!

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