Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Riddles - FREEBIE!

Dear Teaching Friends,

Isn't November a fast month at school? Between Election Day, parent conferences, Veterans' Day, and Thanksgiving, it's always seemed to me to be the shortest but busiest month of the school year!

On that note, it's time to prepare for teaching about Thanksgiving! This is an awesome time to do some cross-curricular teaching! Otherwise, how in the world are the little ones ever going to remember the tough vocabulary and concepts, like thankful, hardship, and adversity, no less the "everyday" words that are new to them, like Pilgrims, Mayflower, harvest, cranberries, cornucopia, feast... there are just so many!

Here's a resource that might help your first and second graders... and you! This collection of literacy activities for centers and small groups  builds on your Tier 2 and 3 social studies content vocabulary.

Click here to see the complete set at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here's a sample freebie from the complete resource. It's a collection of Thanksgiving riddle cards that also includes a student response sheet. I hope you'll enjoy using them with your class!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you for the freebie! So cute!

    1. You're welcome, Linda! Ever since I made "Autumn Inference", ideas for riddle sets keep swimming around in my head, and I'm finally starting to get some of them together!


  2. I love the riddles. So cute! Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. You're welcome! The kiddos just love riddles, don't they?


  4. I love the riddles sooo much! You rock! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the packet. It's really helpful.


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