Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Vocabulary Game FREEBIE

Hello, Teaching Friends!

I will never forget (how could I? It happened on more than one occasion!) asking introductory questions about Pilgrims and the Mayflower and getting totally blank stares from my first graders. Aaagh - you know they spent tons of time on this in kindergarten and probably in preschool, too, elaborate feasts and all! But, to be fair, there are a whole lot of facts and concepts to be learned in November, to say nothing of vocabulary like cornucopia and veteran! Tough stuff for our little guys!

Here's a set of 5 games and center activities that will help those November words stick!  The set includes 33 word cards with suggestions for two activities. There're also 2 board games, a four-in-a-row game, and directions and materials for making a shaker bottle activity. Use these to stock your literacy centers in November and watch those vocabulary words become automatic!

Click the cover to see it at my TPT store.

Happy Teaching!


  1. This game is adorable and useful! I will definitely use it with my intervention groups. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. You're so kind and encouraging, Arlene! Love your pack for Veterans' Day!

  3. How cute! My kiddos are going to love their November vocabulary game!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. Very cute game! It will be perfect for my November LA centers. I always notice that the kids are extra interested in seasonal words, so they'll love this.
    Always Primary

    1. So true, Debbie - the seasonal words are high interest and are such an easy way to help our students' vocabulary grow! Thanks for your kind comment - have a great weekend!


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