Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Turning Read-Alouds into Readables

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Before I begin today's post, I'd like to share some info about an upcoming event at Teachers Notebook. You've probably heard about the great opportunity coming up in the Virtual Teaching Expo's Back to School Event. This is a great way to get revved up and ultra-prepared for Back to School through 5 seminars that you'll be able to view at home in your jammies and flipflops! I "went to" their blogging event last year, and found it to be thorough, informative, and well-worth the very reasonable ticket price.

There's a new bonus added this time around: Teachers Notebook is sponsoring a Vendor's Hall for event attendees... you'll receive 30% off your TN purchases featured in the hall as well as a goodie bag of ... well...GOODIES! Nothing like a nice bunch of freebies to start the school year! Click on the badge below to find out more!

What do you do with your read-aloud books after you've read them to your class? With comprehension level being above reading level, often these books will be too difficult for most of our primary grade students to read independently.  But, as you know, motivation is a huge factor in reading success, as in the case of the  kindergartener who devours books about dinosaurs and is able to recognize the written names of his favorite dinos! Also, we are teaching our students that retelling from the pictures is a valid kind of reading. Give your students an opportunity to put it into practice!
Here's something to try in your room to put those read-alouds into the hands of all of your students,  not just to enjoy the books, but also to build comprehension skills through practicing retelling with pictures. Have a read-aloud box, filled with your read-alouds of the past week or two, and maybe some ongoing "Pleeeeez don't put that one away!" favorites.
Here's a label you might like to use, in two versions to suit your classroom decor. Click it to download from Google Docs.

Happy Teaching!

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