Thursday, August 23, 2012

FREEBIE Back to School Vocabulary Activity!

Hi, Friends!

Here's a little fun freebie for your literacy centers in first and second grade... but my hunch is that some of your third grade teaching friends would enjoy it, too, so please feel free to share the link with them!

Shaker bottles and their many variations are all over Pinterest, although this freebie has actually been a popular download at my TPT store since last fall.  Whatever - they're a fun way to boost reading vocabulary, so the more the merrier! Click on the cover to download word cards, directions, and a student recording sheet.

Remember to stop back tomorrow for the second edition of Fistful of Friday Freebies, a set of 5 free items for your primary grade classroom!
To those of you already in school, and already in an advanced state of exhaustion:  Hang in there. Remember that the time you're spending  teaching (and reteaching, and reteaching...) procedures will pay off well. Remember that things will get a bit easier as days go by. But above all, remember why you chose to teach, the power of your words and actions in the classroom, and the loving and caring relationships you'll be blessed with all year...and beyond!
Freebie Fridays

Happy Teaching!

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