Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Garden DIY and a Go-Along Math Freebie


Hello, Everybody!

I'm going to be teaching a few craft sessions at a local retreat center starting this week, so I'm spending some time today getting some sample projects made. Then it occured to me that since this seems to be DIY Summer on the teaching blogs, maybe this is a project that you'd like to try for your classroom.

Decoupage is a really easy way to make a personalized container for holding classroom items, like pens and pencils, note cards, wipe-off markers, or any of a hundred things that would much rather scatter themselves around the classroom than be conveniently located in one spot! I love gardening, so choosing a motif was a snap for me. Think about what you enjoy, and make this container something that will give you a smile each time you look at it!


Terracotta flowerpot (a variety of sizes at garden centers & craft stores)
Packets of flower seeds (cute old-fashioned ones are currently 4/$1 at dollar stores. It took about 4-5 to cover a 5" pot.)
Scissors (fancy ones are great, but plain would do the job, too)
Decoupage medium (I've always used ModPodge, but am currently experimenting with the cheapo Pinterest substitute... a half-and-half blend of white glue and water. So far, so good!)
Foam pad brush

1. Choose your seed packets.

2. Cut off the front panel. Cut the picture into several pieces (mostly flat-edged shapes). I like to use some of the words, too, keeping them whole. Save your little scraps for covering gaps later.

3. Use a foam pad brush to apply the decoupage medium to the back of each piece. Overlap them as you press them onto the flowerpot. Tip some and rotate others. Cover any gaps with those little scraps you saved.

4. When the pot is covered, put a coat of your MP or glue over it all. Done!


Cover only the rim.
Cover the whole pot.

How cute would this be for an end-of-year parent gift?

Soooo, thinking about flowers got me thinking about what I can give you as a freebie today. I got out my new toy, AKA a Bamboo tablet! Now, I like to draw and was really excited about the potential of using the Bamboo in products, but the eye-hand coordination on this thing makes me feel like a five-year-old with a new Etch-a-Sketch. There 's a learning curve, as they say.

So when you download today's freebie, have mercy on me, please. In the meantime, while I'm practicing, have fun with Crazy Daisy Bump (2 addends). Click here or on the picture.

Happy Teaching!



  1. Love your flower pot and you're right...that would make a great gift! Your math game looks super cute too! Thanks for linking up and hope you can come back and share next Monday:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thanks so much, Tara! Appreciate the linky, and found lots of good ideas there!


  3. Your flower plot is so darling. Thanks for the tips on making one.


  4. Thanks for sharing! This is a great game and super idea for a flower pot!

  5. You're welcome, Heidi! Hope your kiddos will enjoy it!
    Happy Spring!



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