Friday, January 20, 2012

100 Followers -Woohoo!! Bring on the Freebies!

     You did it! I did it! We did it! Woohoo!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so pleased and proud that you have found my little corner of the blog world to be an interesting place to visit!

As promised, here are the celebration gifts, all with a "100 Theme", which hopefully for most of you will still be in time for your 100th Day of School festivities. Even if your 100th day has already passed, these 3 items should be usable long beyond. The first one even has a slight nod to St. Patrick's Day, without being overly leprechaun-ish, in case March timing doesn't mesh with your teaching calendar!

12/30/12 * NOTE: This resource is now part of the 100th Day Common Core Math Power Pack, at my TPT store. If you download the preview, you'll get "Lucky Numbers" free!


The second item for you is an activity to go along with your reading of Wolf's Chicken Stew . It's a great little story for talking about predictions, characters, and stereotypes. This activity is for a math lesson, and will also make a great math center afterwards! There's also a follow-up page for a quick student write-and-draw, using positional words. Click on the pic to download it all!

The last 100 theme item is not free, but will be on sale at my TPT store through January 25th! It's a set of riddle cards, one card for each number from 1 to 100. Suggestions for games and activities are also included. Click on the cover below to go directly to the product page.

Again - many thanks to all of you! Hmmm... wonder what I can give away when the 200th follower comes along? :)



  1. Congratulations! Love the freebies!

  2. 100 is such a fun number! Thanks for the freebies. =)

    Second Grade Silliness 

  3. 100 will always be an extra special number for ya now! Thanks for the freebies!

  4. Thanks - glad to hear that you're enjoying the free items! stay tuned for more... :)

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