Saturday, June 21, 2014

Classroom Bargains from You-Won't Believe-Where!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

So, my husband and I went out together to do a few errands today. My stops were Dress Barn and Michael's. His errand was a stop at Harbor Freight and Tools. Since there was nothing else of interest in the shopping center (and I do mean nothing), I took the opportunity to cruise the aisles to scope out possible classroom deals for you. Here are a few that I found!

Do you use magnetic letters in literacy centers? Of course you do! Here's a 24 section case for $3.99! Just get letters like q or x to buddy up and you've got it made!

Everyday Math provides tape measures in its manipulatives kit. If your program doesn't, I doubt you'll do better than these, at just $.99 a piece! The kids think that tape measures are cool and you'll be surprised how often you'll turn to them to demonstrate math concepts and others, too. (A llama is how tall? ) My husband says that he's even seen Harbor Freight coupons once in a while to get one free!

Third up is this set of little key rings: 12 for $1.29.  How would you use them? I'm thinking of all the things you might write in the little space... math facts, sight words, words to alphabetize, etc.  How about short reminders for proofreading (Keys to Writing Success?), like capital letters, punctuation, etc. At this price, these key rings would even make great additions to your prize box.

As a part of phonemic awareness, you may have your students clapping syllables in a literacy center.
It doesn't take more than a moment of that clapping for your other students' focus to evaporate. Put a few pairs of gloves in the center.  When your clappers put them on, they'll still hear the claps and also feel them, but the rest of the class won't be disturbed. Work gloves: $1.49.

Here are a few bigger items. Do you have a stool on wheels? It's one of those things I never knew I needed until I got one, and then, oh my yes!! It's so handy for just scooting over a bit, instead of get up, move the chair, sit down, repeat, repeat, repeat ... The height is adjustable on this one, which I wish mine had been. And look at that cool tray underneath for all of your junk essential lesson presentation tools! Advertised special at $27.99!

This cart has a bigger ticket at $49.99, but for a three shelf steel cart you'd pay far more at a home or office supply store, and let's not even think about what a teacher supply store night consider! This cart holds up to 450 pounds, and I think it's kind of pretty in bold red. Could it be a portable station or perhaps an auxiliary library in your classroom?
Not a bad bunch of deals!
Stop back later this week for an idea on where to find some amazing deals on books for your classroom library!
Where have you found some unexpected bargains for your classroom? Please share in the Comments section.
Happy Teaching!


  1. Love this post! I am always finding good deals on teacher things in non-teacher stores!

    The Math Maniac

    1. Me, too, Tara! I think the opportunity to share finds through blogging has made me even more aware of the possibilities!

  2. Thank you for the info...necessity is the mother of invention...or should I say TEACHER:)

    1. So true, Jana. I think we very often know what we need for our teaching far before someone in the teaching marketing world "invents" it and starts to sell it.

  3. I am planning on getting the furniture sliders from there (cheapest I've found and makes rearranging furniture easier) and I want to see if they have the oil drip pans to make a wall-mounted magnetic center.

    1. Great finds, Lisa! I'm pretty sure they'd have the oil pans, since they have a lot of automotive stuff. Word of advice: take a magnet with you to double check the pan ... I remember once buying a cookie sheet for letters and finding out that they didn't stick! ;)


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