Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ed Emberley's Books: Using Drawing to Inspire Writing

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I'm linking up again this week at Deanna Jump's "Book Talk Tuesday".  Click the image to head on over and discover some great new books!


This week,I'd like to share what I guess you might call a "how-to" book ... how to draw! Ed Emberley is the king of this kind of book - he has a whole series of them! Do you know his fingerprint books? I also love this one about trucks and trains!

The step-by-step wordless directions make success attainable for non-readers, and successful experiences lead to more of the same! The trucks and trains are simply magnetic for some of the boys.

Why is it important for our students to be able to draw recognizable pictures?  Drawing a picture is more than just making lines and circles. It's following directions, and sequencing, and observing carefully. But above all, like writing, it's a way to convey a message. For non-readers or struggling readers, the ability to tell a story through pictures is very empowering. For more capable writers, a detailed drawing can be an entry point for the addition of more details in writing.

If you're looking for other drawing tutorials in various styles, I've assembled some on a Pinterest board.


For more ideas on using drawing as a springboard for writing, I'd love it if you'd click back to my post "Empowering Young Authors with How-to-Draw Lessons".


Thanks for stopping by - draw a good story today! :)
Do you have a special way of using drawing in your writing lessons? Please share!

Happy Teaching!

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