Sunday, July 24, 2016

Clip Away Cards: Giveaway Update and a Great Deal!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I  hope you're having a wonderful summer Sunday! Just a quick update for you today ...

Congratulations to Amy, Kerry, and Gina, who are the winners of the giveaway of 100 Clip Away Cards for Numbers One to 100!  Many thanks to all who entered!!

This set has now been posted, and you can find it here in my TpT store! Bonus: This resource is just $3 today ... well, actually until I get up tomorrow morning, because I know that many of your "todays" go on long after my US Eastern Daylight Savings Time bedtime! ;)

To find out more about what makes Clip Away Cards different from clip cards and why they'd make a great addition to your classroom, take a moment to link back here.  Thanks!

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Math and Deeper Thinking with Clip Away Cards - A Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Recently I shared with you two sets of free clip cards, and some thoughts about why clip cards are a great addition to your classroom.

If your students love clip cards but you're looking for something a bit different ...

Let me introduce you to Clip Away Cards!

If you are already using this set of 100 math riddle cards...

... or the same riddles in poster format ...

... then you'll already know that each card has a multi-step riddle whose answer is a number from one through 100.  They're a fun addition to your calendar time and great for spiraled review all year!  Here's what a few customers said about the riddle cards.

Most of the riddles in these sets are pretty much identical. Here's a card from the first set.

Here's what the same riddle looks like as a Clip Away Card.

As you can see, students will solve the riddles on the clip cards independently, using one clue at a time to eliminate options and then clip (or "clip away") the numbers with a mini-clothespin or a binder clip as they eliminate them. The answer is the number that isn't clipped when all others have been clipped away.

The amount of math and reasoning is the same in both sets, but the Clip Away Cards allow your students more independence through offering the support of answer options being provided. If your students take standardized tests (boo!), you can use these cards to model the importance of reading the question all the way though before deciding on an answer.

These sets are great companion resources. Use the original riddle card set or the poster set to teach the processes of attending to key details, making inferences, and eliminating the answers that don't fit. Then bring out the Clip Away Cards and use them for...

*  Math center activities. Put the all cards in a basket, or join sets of ten on rings.
*  Morning warm-ups or exit cards
*  Parent volunteers or tutors.  Great for filling those extra moments when there's not enough time to  start something new.
*  Math interventionists.  To bring an added level of rigor to your practice of operations and place  value.
*  Family Math Night. Set up a station with a few cards to keep parents actively engaged in solving these with their children.

Would you like to win a set of these Clip Away Cards before they're even posted in my store?

I'd love to choose a few winners! The requirement for entering is super simple - no following anything, just one simple question to answer!  I'd really appreciate it if you'd share this giveaway with your friends.  Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July Hop - Winter Math Freebies and a HUGE Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'm celebrating a fun summer event with some of my K-2 blogging buddies! Welcome to the I Teach K-2 Christmas in July Blog Hop!

Isn't that sandy snowman the cutest? Many thanks to the gracious and talented Jen Lium of Teaching in the Tongass for creating the images for this blog hop! Please visit her store to see more of her beautiful work!

Since I've been working on updating and packing more learning into some of my resources, I thought I'd give you the inside scoop today on some of the additions ... and share a few with you as freebies!
In keeping with our Christmas theme, both of these are part of winter math sets, one for kindergarten and the other for first and second grade.

Clip cards are always a popular and versatile math practice activity for little learners.

     * As a teacher of struggling students for more than ten years, I value clip cards for their differentiation factor. Supplying three possible answers makes the task just a bit easier than coming up with the answer with no support given.

     * Clip cards are also an easy tool to use in centers, especially since you can make them self-checking by using a sharpie pen to put a dot by the correct answer.

     * A little more work on strengthening the pincer grip is never a bad thing! Try using clothespins or mini-binder clips to have your students show the correct answer.

This set of a dozen clip cards for PreK and kindergarten provides practice with identifying representations of teen numbers, plus some sneak-it-in skills practice with reading teen numbers using ten frames, and counting on from ten. Try them in math tubs or math centers, for independent practice or partner work.

It's just been added to this winter math set for PreK and kindergarten. You'll find a total of 18 cards in the paid resource, in addition to seven other games and hands-on activities. If you already own this set, be sure to get your free upgraded version by logging in to your TpT account and going to your "My Purchases" page.

Here's your second winter math freebie, this time for first and second grade. It's a set of clip cards for practice with place value, specifically with subtracting multiples of ten from two digit numbers.

This set of clip cards has also been added to a larger resource pack, Winter Math Games for First Grade and Second Grade.

If you already own it, please download it again to receive the update.

Don't have these winter math sets yet? No worries! Both of these, along with all of the resources in my store (over 300!), are now 20% off in celebration of the Christmas in July Blog Hop! 

Now for the promised giveaway!! Can you believe these prizes??? Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't miss out on all the great freebies you can collect at each stop on this hop! Just click below to visit all of the blogs that are participating!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Made It - Story Stones!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'm delighted to be linking up this week with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her fun weekly Monday Made It linky!

Have you seen story stones on Pinterest and Etsy? They are beautifully painted little rocks, created by artists as a children's activity for storytelling, retelling, and writing.  Several times, I've been tempted to buy a set, but been discouraged by my natural thriftiness cheapness.

So then I thought about painting my own, but even if I had better skills with a paintbrush, those detailed little paintings were going to take me a looonnngg time to do.

I wanted those stones! 

My first plan was to use an Ed Emberly book to make fingerprint critters and detail them with a Sharpie, but then I came across this Emberly book (Ancient! Copyright 1972! Personally, that's not sounding so ancient to me, and was quite a good year, as a matter of fact!) which set me off in a slightly different direction.

I started off with a bag of these smooth flat white stones from the craft aisle at the dollar store. Then I went into my drawer and pulled out a few of my many Sharpies (you already have a bunch of them, too, right?). I used fine point for the colors, and ultrafine for the black details.

Twenty minutes later (seriously!), this is what I had!

I love the easy details of the roller coaster drawing, but I think kids will go crazy for the superhero and the pirate!

Do NOT be intimidated! The book really makes each drawing so simple to do, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands to choose from in this book! These are the only shapes you'll need to complete ANY of the drawings., and the visual directions in the book really break it down into easy steps.

And the literacy touch is the flip side (literally!), which makes these an even more engaging addition to your writing center! A spritz of clear acrylic spray for protection on front and back, and your story stones are done. Put them in a bag or box, do a few whole class or small group demo lessons, and your story stones will become a hot item in your writing center!

My head is full of other ideas for story stones.  Illustrate a number model on the front, write the answer on the back. Draw landforms like lakes, mountains, etc. on the front, name them on the back. Create partner stones to use for matching and memory games - opposites, contractions, animal to name...   How about animal pictures to sort by class. So many ideas!!!

How will you use story stones?

For a peek into another great drawing book by Ed Emberly and some thoughts about empowering your little learners through art, check out this post!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's Shark Week!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

As promised in yesterday's post, it's here, and it's going to be jawesome! Welcome to the Shark Week Blog Hop!

You're on the trail of a great bunch of freebies that will bring the fun and excitement of sharks to your own classroom ... without the, um, you know, terror. :O  Many thanks to Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad and Matt at Digital Divide and Conquer for organizing this annual event!

Here's my shark freebie!

Keep your little learners happy and busy as they solve this set of math riddle cards to discover the shark's secret number! When they use these task cards, they'll get lots of practice with addition, subtraction, using comparison signs, adding and subtracting tens, and even counting coins. You know, the kind of practice they can really sink their teeth into! Sorry, irresistible shark pun. ;)  Click here to get your copy!

Ready to swim on to the next stop on the hop? Click to see what Brenda at Primary Inspired has for you!
                                                            Primary Inspired

Then visit my teaching friends at these blogs to see the delightfully shark-y freebies they have in store for you!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting Ready for Shark Week with Some Preview Freebies

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Earlier than ever this year, it's almost time for one of Discovery Channel's most popular annual events.  Yep, Shark Week is on the horizon!

I'm going to be participating in a huge blog hop with loads of free shark-themed resources for you {details at the end of this post}, but in the meantime, just to get you started, here are a few old and new freebies to whet your appetite!

Here's a set of shark number cards that you'll find lots of use for.  Better yet, you'll also find eight great games to play using them! Click to see it at Teaching Blog Roundup.

If you've been working on contractions, try this resource for some extra work on those tricky "not" contractions!

Here's a brand new writing resource, perfect for your summer writing centers! All you need to do is print this one page writing activity card and supply your students with one die. Roll and write!

Tomorrow is the first day of the annual Shark Week Blog Hop, sponsored by Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad and Matt at  Digital Divide and Conquer ! Be sure to come back right here tomorrow morning to begin your adventure on the trail of a boatload of shark freebies that your kiddos will love!

Psst! I'll have a special set of shark-themed math riddle cards for you that you won't want to miss!

Happy Teaching!

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