Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heads Up for a TpT Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you a follower at my Teachers Pay Teachers store?  If so, head on over to collect this thank you freebie, just for you! You can get the link by going into your TpT Inbox (log in and look for the little dark green oval with a number in it) and then clicking on the email titled "A Freebie to Thank You!"

I'm celebrating the fact that there are now 2,222 followers at my store  ( how fun is that??? thank you, thank you!!! )  by reserving these as follower-only freebies from now through November 12th. After three weeks, I'll be removing it from Google Drive and posting it as a paid resource in my store.

Not a follower yet? Well, you never know when another freebie like this one might pop up! ;)

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Characters for Writing

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Do you remember these little cuties? Or maybe in your house, you're still tripping over them and listening to the ka-thumpity sound they make when they get sucked up in your vacuum.

Try putting a box of these little guys in your writing center. Have your students reach in (no peeking!) and pull out two or three and write a story using them as the main characters.

The more variety in your character box, the more variety you'll see in the writing! Throw in a few animals like this zebra, and maybe even a few vehicles. If you don't have your own, you can get them for a song at garage sales, or you probably have parents who'd be willing to donate a few. Less ka-thumpitys in their vacuum cleaners is a good selling point on that, you know. ;)

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Addition & Subtraction Puzzles Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Hope you're all well! We had a gorgeous weekend here, but kind of crazy, too ... it was in the 70's Friday and yesterday, chillier today, and might even go down into the 30's overnight. Time for winter PJ's and a cup of hot chocolate tonight!

I'm working on some renovations over at my TpT store ... we will still be open during construction! :)
Some of the freebies that have been there in the past will now be permanently shifted here, which should be handy-dandy for you, dear followers! Maybe you'll even come across one that you've missed in the past!

Here's the first! If your kiddos could use some extra practice with related addition and subtraction facts, you'll like this easy-prep set of two puzzles.


Click here or on the cover to download yours at Google Drive!

Have a great week!
Happy Teaching!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

20% Off Everything Friday through Sunday!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you a Maryland teacher? Are you going to the convention this weekend?

If you're not from Maryland, you might want to zip down to the end of this post for "the rest of the story"!

If the answer is yes, be sure to visit the TpT Teacher-Authors booth! We'll be displaying on both Friday and Saturday.  I'll be there on Friday ... stop by the table - I'd love to meet you and chat a bit!

Those lucky teachers who stop by will receive this awesome coupon book ...

...filled with links to 48 freebies from the teacher-authors in this collaborative group! All of that plus
a goodie bag stuffed with little treats to make your teaching days fun and easier!

A great big thank you to Michele Luck, who is the organizer and driving force behind this group, along with her wonderful husband Steve!

So, here's "the rest of the story"!

To celebrate this event, all of the contributors are offering 20% off this weekend at their TpT stores!

At my store, everything will be on sale at 20% off from Friday through Sunday. Here's a peek at some new, some old, many recently updated ... all linked for you with just a click! I hope you'll find something you can use!
Hope to see you in Ocean City!
Happy Teaching!


Friday, October 10, 2014

"October is More Than Halloween" Freebie Linky Party

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!   If we listened to our kiddos and looked around the stores, we'd think that was the only event happening this month! {Seriously, looking in the stores might make us think it's already time for Christmas!} But teachers know that October is soooo much more than just Halloween!

Last October, teacher/authors put their heads together here at Primary Inspiration for a linky party filled with October resources that are not for Halloween. Here we are again, with a new batch of forever freebies, designed to simplify your planning for Columbus Day, Anti-Bullying Month, Red Ribbon Week, Fire Prevention Week, cool autumn days, ... whatever!

If you're throwing more leaves on this pile, a.k.a. sharing your freebies here, please only link resources that will always be free. In addition to the special days and events listed above, general fall resources are welcome, like leaves, pumpkins, and candy corn. Technically, I guess candy corn is for Halloween, but I'm willing to stretch things on that sweet point!  Please, no zombies, witches, devils, skeletons, or other creepy stuff.  Pins and FB posts would be much appreciated!

If you're raking up the leaves, a.k.a. downloading the goodies, please say a little thank you to those who are sharing their talents so graciously by leaving a comment at their blog or store.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pinterest WOO-HOO!!!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Pinterest - you've got to love it! Home of some of the cleverest ideas out there!  We're all busy helping each other find the things we've been looking for before we even knew that we were looking for them.

And today I'm dancing around woo-hooing  because I've just discovered that 3,000 of you are apparently looking for some of the things that I really like, too! 3,000 followers - thanks, guys!!!

Here are two of my favorite boards. Just click on each image to go there. Those cute kids on my covers are from Teachers Scrapbook, by the way! :)

Here's my First Grade Day-by-Day Board ... because first grade is truly a unique and wonderful place to be!

And here's another board that I love to hunt up pins for! In first grade, sure - there's math, and science, and all the other things... but literacy is really what's at the heart of it all!
I hope you'll stop by and take a look at my 4,500+ pins, and I also hope that some will lead to amazing ideas for you and your students!
Happy Teaching!

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