Monday, March 20, 2017

Who's Ready for a Rae Dunn Giveaway?

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Are you a fan of Rae Dunn pottery? It is The THING right now (too bad you can't get these at Target or they would be The THING of All Things, right?). These pieces have such great uncluttered design, they're sturdy, they're uniquely hand shaped, the sayings are fun - they have it all! Trouble is, they're pretty hard to find in the stores.

So, would you like this great set delivered FREE to your door?

My friend Bex at Reading and Writing Redhead has put together a wonderful giveaway of 10 Rae Dunn pieces PLUS resources from the TpT stores of nine teacher-authors.  Wouldn't it be nice to refresh your home AND your classroom resources all at once?

Head over to Bex's blog to see the details (including more about those nine free teaching resources!), or enter right here! Good luck, and happy teaching!
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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Need New Math Games? Try These Gold Coin Task Card Freebies!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

There's a new holiday on the horizon, so it's time for some new math games!

I'll bet you already have a stash of these deliciously engaging gold coins. What kid can resist them, right?  If you don't have them, you can buy bags of 30 at Dollar Tree at this time of year. Two or three dollars worth will go a long way with these games.  Plus, you can use your gold coins again in September for pirate games on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

All your students will need to play these games is gold coins and dice - no game boards, no cards!  A few of the games also require a whiteboard and erasable marker or just paper and pencil. If you'd prefer not to use the coins, two-sided counters are a perfect substitute!

Here are the games in this free set:

* Roll and Give - addition, sums through 12

* Roll and Take - addition, sums through 12

* Shamrock Toss and Tally - counting, tallying to 50

* Away with the Coins - subtraction from six or less

* Toss Ten  - combinations of ten

* Roll, Tally, Stack - addition sums through 12, tally marks

In this free file, you'll receive a task card/directions card for each of these games, as pictured here.

If you're looking for a wee bit more St. Paddy's Day math practice, here's a set of riddle cards for two-digit numbers. Can your students find Lucky's Magic Number?  See the details at my TpT store, and download the preview for four free cards!

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Need a Quick Freebie to Celebrate Reading? Try These!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you part of this week's huge celebration of reading? What a wonderful reason to celebrate - reading changes lives! The door to the future opens when a child begins to read, and how honored we are as teachers to be privileged to help that door swing open!

I made these bookmarks to give to the students in the classes I'll be reading to on Thursday.  When I
put a photo on Instagram yesterday, a reader wondered whether they're in my TpT store.  Great idea- I'm delighted to share these!

Just click here to get your free set of Superhero Bookmarks!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Try These Free Kindergarten Math Riddles!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

If you're looking for an engaging way to build number sense with your kindergarteners, try riddles!

Yes, I'm back again talking about riddles, but I'm sold on the value of using all sorts of riddles in your teaching!  If you have any doubts, the next time your class is unfocused, off task, or cranky (it happens to the best of them...), just say the word "riddle" and watch them perk up!

These free kindergarten riddles will bring that kind of enthusiasm to your classroom! Here are a few ideas for using them.

* Start a math lesson by solving a riddle together.

* Tie riddles to your number line  and sequence of numbers lessons. These riddles have lots of clues that require your students to locate a number/s on the number line, along with using words like "more than", "less than", and "between".

* If you ever have a spare moment to fill (it's been known to happen, really...!), solving a riddle is a great way to keep the learning moving ahead!

* Riddles are an awesome way to squeeze in some spiraled review of math vocabulary.

* Riddles are a great way to build a foundation for comprehension skills like identifying key details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions.

* Once you've practiced solving a few riddles, try writing one together. Morning Meeting is a wonderful opportunity for this. Write a riddle for 6 on the sixth of the month, for example. Bring math into your shared writing lesson!

Okay, kindergarten teachers - this freebie is for YOU! Just click on the picture to try this set of 8 riddles.

If you'd like more, the complete set of 100 riddles is half price at my TpT store until Monday night (2/13/17).  It also includes an answer key, themed hundred chart, whole class games for recording progress with the riddles, and two class graphs based on the riddles. Bonus: also includes 35 number sequence strips (1-100) that you can just print, laminate, and cut for an instant math center! Click here to see it.

Happy Teaching!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Mushy Stuff {freebies!}

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Is your classroom filled with hearts, and your heart filled with love? Valentines Day can't be far away! I though I'd make it even easier for you to send out those warm fuzzy feelings by gathering a few of my free items in one post.

First, the math freebies!

Add, subtract, and sort by odd/even.

Do some of your kiddos think any three numbers in any order make a fact family? Try these fact family clip cards.

Teen numbers can be mighty tricky for for some of our kindergarteners. This set will have them matching numerals to base ten and ten frame representations.

Addition and subtraction on the number line with those same sweet Love Bugs!

Here's a printable for skip counting by two's...

... or for something more hands-on, there's this set. Phew! Finally something red, after all that pinkness!

Double Trouble Hearts is a board game for adding doubles. Trivia Tidbit: There's a state park in NJ called Double Trouble Park.

And now, some literacy freebies!

Here's a game for practicing the /ar/ chunk.

A set of opposites matching cards.

Do you have a Buddy Class?  Here are two freebies that work great for that, because they're useful across grade levels.

You can find lots more Valentines Day learning sprinkled with fun here.

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy your freebies and have a wonderful Valentines Day with your little sweethearts!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

120 New Math Riddles ... and a Sample, Too!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

As the 100th day of school approaches for many of you, I'm thrilled to be offering a brand new set of one of my favorite resources, 120 Riddles for the 120 Chart.

This set is a fun way to review skills like addition and subtraction through 20, place value, adding and subtracting tens, coins (pennies, nickels, and dimes), odd and even numbers, and comparison signs.

The original set of one hundred multi-step riddle cards for the numbers 1-100 has been through a number of revisions, the most significant of which was adding in riddles for 101 through 120.  A customer suggestion, and a very good one! If you are among the nearly 2,000 teachers who own the set, be sure to download the most recent update, competed just this month!

See the original set (Set 1) here.

Although you'll find this riddle set to be perfect for your 100th Day celebration, there are so many other uses for these cards.  From buyer comments at my TpT store, here are some of the ways that teachers are using their riddle cards.

Angie suggested using a few riddles as a math lesson warm-up.

Gabrielle uses a riddle card to introduce the number of the day. 

Heidi says, "Great way to get the kids talking about numbers and exploring the 120 chart!"

Another buyer said she uses them for calendar time and finds them easy to differentiate. 

Amy uses them as a sponge activity between lessons.

Jan uses these riddles to build number sense and ease math anxiety.

Karen uses these cards to reinforce specific math concepts.

Lisa uses them once a week for problem solving.

Kathie G. says, "Perfect for whole group, small group, or even as a filler for when you have a few minutes between activities."

Another buyer uses the riddle cards for "Out the Door" cards as her students line up to leave the classroom.
A buyer uses them with her afterschool tutoring club.

Title I teacher Darlene uses them with partners and small groups.

Kristina uses riddle cards as an early finisher activity with her document camera. 

Jacqueline H. says, "I use it as a center activity in my grade 3 class, great reinforcement of concepts they should know."

Another buyer uses them for morning bellwork, and sometimes has her students write their own riddles and share them.

Laureen took the poster version of this resource and turned it into a book for the math library -  so clever! 

So, reading all of these wonderful ideas and comments (thank you, thank you - do you know how much TpT authors LOVE your feedback??), I got to thinking that many teachers who are using these riddles might be running out of riddle cards around this time of year.  

Every one of the riddles in Set 2 is totally new.  Even the graphics are new - adorable goldfish from Ashley Hughes at TpT.

Here's a closer look.

Click here to see it at my TpT store, where it's half price through Sunday!
Would you like to try a few before you buy? Click here to download a sample set of twelve riddle cards!

Happy Teaching!

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