Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winter Freebie Roundup!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I recently realized just how many freebies I have for winter!  Rather than making you hunt here and there for them, I decided to put together a quick post that will put a bunch of them in one spot for you! Today, the math freebies!

In my last post, I shared that I recently updated this oldie but goodie, and also posted it in my TpT store.  Your students will add and subtract the dots on dominos, and then sort their answers by odd/even. Find it here.

Are you working on the 120 chart? Here's a slides and ladders game to practice adding one and adding two!

Adding ten on the 120 chart? Got that covered, too! Try this!

Here's one for the little guys! Your PreK and kindergarten students will use these 48 cards to match numerals to number words, objects, and ten frame representations.

Winter Number Match-Up

Here's one of the three games you'll find in Snowy Strategies Addition Games.

Kids getting itchy with all those indoor recess days? Here's a Read the Room activity that will get them up and out of their seats to get some of the wiggles out.

This set is great to use throughout December as part of your calendar time. Your students will tally and graph their favorite holiday characters, colors, cookies and more. There's a book cover included, if you'd like to assemble the finished graphs into a class book.

December Data Collection: Tallies and Graphs

These are not "official" freebies, but did you know that you can get two free math games in the preview of each of these resources? Just click on any of the pictures to see it at my TpT store.



I hope you'll enjoy using these with your class this year! Keep an eye out for a winter literacy freebies post, coming soon!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Sale Updates ... Revisions and a Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time for The BIG NEWS about The BIG SALE!

Everything you need to know is in this lovely graphic from My Happy Place.  The sale is Monday and Tuesday, and with 28% off, it's exactly the right time to clear out your wishlist.

Everything in my store is 20% off  (bundles, too!), and when you use the code CYBER2016 at checkout, you'll save another 10% on top of that.  The code, the code, remember to use the code. Talking to myself, actually .. yes, I've forgotten to use the code in the past, and that's pretty upsetting to a thrifty person!

I'd like to take just a moment to give you some short and sweet updates on what's updated, what's new, and what's free in my store.

What's Updated:

Rudy, a second grade math game, now has more cards and a four-in-a-row game. Rudy is a fun game ... the number 8 (as in "Little Reindeer") plays a starring role! :)   $2.34 at the Cyber Sale!

What's New:

I've been working and working on getting these first grade parter math games finished! Each set has 20 games. Each single-page game comes in both color and blackline. And the best part? These are TIMESAVERS for you - there are no cards to print and cut!

Download the preview of these games - you'll find two free games in each one!

There's also a place value set in my store! Each set will be $5.76 during the sale.

More math! Because so many of you enjoyed Turkey Chase for Thanksgiving math, I made a winter set for counting up and counting back on the number line. Catch a Snowflake is bigger and better - it has 90 more cards and a four-in-a-row game for lots more fun and practice.   $2.70 Monday and Tuesday.

What's Free:

I actually had this on my blog a long time ago, but as of today it's brightened up, it has more dominos, and it's in my TpT store. Practice addition, subtraction, and odd/even! Enjoy this winter freebie!

Just one final tidbit: As I often do, I'll be extending my 20% discount through Wednesday, in honor of my fellow procrastinators!  ;)

Happy Teaching!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Winter Math Giveaway & Sale!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time to start prepping those winter math centers ... because you just know some keen little eyes are going to spot a turkey lingering in your classroom when they come back into your classroom after Thanksgiving and be sure to point it out, right?  :)

If you've been using Turkey Chase on the Number Line with your class, you're going to like this new winter number line resource that I just completed!

Catch a Snowflake includes 135 clue cards for a number line game. Number lines at two levels of support are included,as well as a board game.

Here's a sample of the clue cards your students will be solving.

The set also includes a cut-and-glue activity that would make an easy assessment.

I'm giving away five copies of this resource. It was fun to think of interesting ways for you to enter my last giveaway, so I hope you'll enjoy these, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm celebrating my birthday with a sale for you! Please enjoy 20% off everything in my TpT store today, November 18th!

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Announcing ... Spanish Resources from Primary Inspiration!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'm excited to announce that my TpT store is opening a new "branch"!  Well, not so much a branch, I guess, more of a tiny little in-store boutique.  I've started to have some of my resources translated into Spanish!

My own translation skills consist of decades old high school and college Spanish (six years of it, mind you), plus a splash of Google Translate. Not so good. So, I'm employing the superb translation skills of our younger daughter's dear friend Heather.  Heather is a sweetheart who has taught Spanish at the college level, and I'm sure that you'll be as delighted with her work as I am!

Here's what's in the shop so far.

With winter coming up, here's a set of my best-selling winter riddle cards, now available in Spanish. These 24 riddle cards will be lots of fun for your students if you teach ESL, ELL, bilingual, Spanish immersion, or Spanish World Language classes, and they're also a great way to build vocabulary and practice inferring.  Actually, even older kids who are just getting started learning Spanish would enjoy using these ... and they'd make a pretty impressive lesson to use when you're being observed!

Your Spanish-speaking second and third grade students will love solving these multi-step math riddles!  Find the pirate's secret treasure numbers with this set of riddle task cards for two-digit numbers.  You can see more here.

And here's a closer look!

Here's what some customers have said about the English version of this set:

"This was a fabulous partner activity. We have 1:1 iPads so we took pictures of the cards and then opened it with an app we could write on. One partner followed the clues and the other checked it with the calculator. They had so much fun and learned so much!"

"A great way to get students to practice checking each multiple choice answer - glad I made the purchase. Challenging but fun. 
Thank you!"

"I can't WAIT to use this!!! Its great for my Problem Solving tub in my Guided Math Rotations. Thank you!"

You can see more here.

If you think you might like using both the English and Spanish sets of Pirate's Secret Treasures, you might want to check out the bundle here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Keep Learning Fun with Riddles!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Welcome to the November I Teach K-2 Blog Hop, a mostly-monthly event where K-2 teachers like you share ideas and freebies!

If you want to keep the fun in teaching and learning, try using RIDDLES!

I'm a big fan of making learning fun, because when kids are having fun, they want...


... and what teacher would ever argue with a request for more learning?  When your students are having fun while they learn { I'm talking about the ... ahem.. "controlled" variety of fun, not the Halloween-on-a-Monday or running-around-screaming kinds of fun, noisy is fine, but no thank you to craziness ;) }, their brains are actively engaged and they're learning more.  
Besides, when they're having fun, I'll bet that you probably are, too!

1.   They encourage the development of extended attention. You've got to keep listening to get all the clues!

2.   Riddles help develop your students' listening skills, like attention to detail and focusing on the speaker. What a great social skill to have - listen all the way to the end of what your friend is saying,

3.   They are a superb way to teach using key details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions, critical skills no matter how you label them, and whether you're a Common Core district or not!

4.   Riddles encourage the use of mental images, a vital comprehension skill. Try solving a riddle without building some kind of mental image or even a graphic organizer in your mind, and changing it as new clues are added!  We do this as adults without thinking about it, but solving riddles together is one great way to model for your students the act and the language of how to develop and use mental images.

5.   Vocabulary! Our little learners are flooded with Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary in November.  Once the words have been taught and your kiddos have had a variety of experiences to help them sink in, use riddles as a great review tool.

6.  Solving riddles encourages the use of connections, a comprehension skill we all try so hard to develop in our students.  Connecting the clues with schema and prior knowledge is a skill that takes intentional practice, and lots of it!  As you talk through the thinking process with your little learners, those skills will grow! When you're working together to solve a riddle, it's a great time to ask the questions, "What's your schema? How can what you already know help you figure this out?"

7.   Riddles are incredibly engaging! Everyone wants to play along, everyone wants to guess, and to make a reasonable guess, you've got to ...LISTEN and THINK! 

1.   Riddles are great as a quick supplement to your calendar time. A riddle can be solved in under a minute - that's a lot of learning value for just a tiny snippet of time!

2.   Use as a daily whole group activity when teaching social studies (or math, science,... whatever is relevant to the topic. They are a great way to get everyone quiet and focused!

3.  Use a riddle card on your smartboard to develop reading skills like those listed above. Call on students to identify and mark on the screen key words that helped them arrive at the solution.

4.  Listen without looking.  Can your students solve the riddles without seeing the words?  That's a whole different skill set than #3!

5.  Here's a cool idea that I recently received in a customer comment - use riddle cards for a quick and easy bulletin board display! A principal I once worked for required all hallway bulletin boards to be instructional and interactive. It was a bit challenging to create these at first, but once we all got into the swing of it - wow! You could always stop for a quick learning tidbit whenever you were walking your class anywhere in the school!

6.  Put a set of riddle cards in your sub tub, teamed with a themed read-aloud and a writing activity. {Most of the riddle sets in my TpT store include a template for your students to write their own riddles.} 

7.  They're a quick and engaging literacy center activity.  You might choose to have your students just number a paper and write the answers to the riddles. Or you could shake it up a bit by turning a set of riddle cards into a Read the Room activity.  Speaking of "shake it up", how about putting the answers on little cardstock scraps and sticking them into a shake-a-bottle?

8.  A riddle card on your smartboard is a no-prep Do Now when your students arrive in the morning, or come back to the classroom after recess.

9.  Early finishers love solving riddles. Print, cut, laminate, and put on a ring - a great alternative to extra worksheets!

Here are two free sets for November! The first has 24 riddle cards for words that you are teaching throughout autumn...

... and the second free set consists of eight cards specifically for Thanksgiving.  This set also includes a cut-and-glue activity, and is a part of a Thanksgiving Literacy resource that you can find at my TpT store.

If you're as sold as I am on using riddles in the classroom, I'd love it if you'd click to see the Riddles category at my store, where you'll find loads of riddle sets for seasons, science, math, sight words, and more.

Before you head off to collect some wonderful ideas at the blogs below, be sure to enter our Rafflecopter giveaway!  This month, we're giving away five TpT gift cards, each worth $25 - a great start for finally getting some of those items from your wishlist!
Thanks for stopping by today! Now, get on the gobble, gobble trail and see what my friends have for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gobble, Gobble Giveaway ... and Everybody Gets a Freebie!

Giveaway closed! Congratulations to Marcy, Lynn, and Kim - check your email!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Gardens need weeding, houses need cleaning, teaching resources need revising! Recently I've been working a lot on looking through some of my resources created in previous years and giving them mini-makeovers - fonts, graphics, and more!

This little set of nine Thanksgiving math games needed quite a makeover. In fact, it kind of turned into a do-over! So, after finishing all that scrubbing and polishing, it seems like it's a good time to give away a few copies to my friends!

I love games that require our students to do MORE thinking. Solve-and-sort games are a good exmple of that. Solve-and-sorts are games where students think (for instance, add three numbers) and then think again (determine whether the sum of the three numbers is more or less than ten).

Here's an example of a Turkey in the Pot solve-and-sort for representations of even numbers.

Players take turns determining the number that the picture represents and then deciding whether the number is even. If it is even, the card goes into the turkey pot. If it's not even, the player keeps the card. When all of the cards have been used, the player who is left with the most cards wins the game.

* In its earlier version, each game had 16 cards.  What was I thinking???  There are now 32 cards for each game - more opportunities for practice, and now suitable for use with more players, making these games even better for your math centers and small groups.

The nine games in this set address these skills:

 Addition facts through ten
Subtraction facts through ten
Comparing numbers
Combinations of ten
Recognizing odd and even numbers
Counting by fives
Representing numbers as tens and ones
Three addends

You can see the whole set of Turkey in the Pot games here.

If you already own this set, please take a moment to log into your TpT account, go to your "My Purchases" page, and download the update (at no charge, of course!)

Would you like to try a free game for sums of ten? Here you go!

I'd love to send a free copy of the complete set of games to three of you.  {Have fun with the entry options!  ;)  }  Enter below, and gobble, gobble, good luck to all of you!

Happy Teaching!

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