Thursday, September 8, 2016

Apple Happy, Apple Math, Apple Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

It's time again for the I Teach K-2 monthly blog hop!  This month, every stop on the hop is packed with seasonal apple goodies for your classroom! { Wouldn't it be fun if we could add some pumpkin candle scent and apple pie taste to these posts??  Now, those would be some real goodies! }

My plan for this month was to share some ideas for using one of my very favorite fall poems for new readers, "Apple Happy".  With its repetive text, high frequency words, and rhyme, "Apple Happy" was the perfect poem to use with my literacy intervention first graders. It's a great way to build fluency and confidence in reading!

Well, sharing my ideas was my plan.

The reality is that on blogs and at TpT,  I found a few posts and resources about this poem and its variations, so I decided not to reinvent the wheel, but instead to share some of the links with you.

From Mrs. Piltz's Kindergarten, here's a printable of the poem, ready to copy and put in Song and Poem Notebooks. {Find out more about Song and Poem Notebooks here.}

Kindergarten with Susie at TpT has this free set that includes word cards, picture cards, and even a printable mini-book. Nice!

Lastly, here's a free printable of the version that I like best.  It's fun for acting out, too, which is a bonus at this time of year especially {keep them moving, keep them moving!!}. Whichever version you use, I think is a happy little poem that your kiddos will like and benefit from using! This version prints well in black and white or even on colored paper, and again, is ready for your Song and Poem Notebooks.

Now, the segue into the second part of this post - the apple math freebie!  Are you ready for some subtraction with Johnny Appleseed? Click here or on the picture to get your free game!

Here's a closer look!

Johnny's Subtract From Ten Sweep is a sample from my most recent resource at my TpT store, Fall Into First Grade Partner Math Games.  I've realized quite recently that games and riddles have become my favorite kind of resource to create.  {Let me be honest, it's kind of obsessive. I'll start out to make a set of ten games. Then it becomes 15, and suddenly I've made 30 games! Well, definitely not suddenly, but I think you know what I mean.}

These one page games have features you'll love, like low-prep (one page each, no cards to cut), low-ink  (less than 30% color on each page, plus each game also comes in a blackline option.), and minimal materials - just dice and wipe-off markers!   For me, the fun comes keeping the games challenging, varied, and of course fun, while getting all of that onto just one page!

I hope you'll take a moment to take a look at these. In celebration of the I Teach K-2 September Blog Hop, this set will be 50% off its regular price of $11 through Sunday, September 11th.

Be sure to enter our giveaway, and then come on back here to see what else we have for you this month!

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Don't stop the hoppin! My I Teach K-2 friends have great things to share!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Riddles for the Hundred Chart - Now to 120!!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I have some great news for those of you who are using 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart. I've finally gotten around to updating this top-selling resource to include numbers all the way up to 120 ... because, after all, it's all about teaching to 120 now, right?  :)

The original set has been very popular (nearly 2,000 sold!), and teachers have discovered lots of clever and interesting ways to use the riddle cards and games in their classrooms.

A number of you have requested extending the set to 120, which is an excellent idea that has taken me far too long to respond to.

Well, the extra twenty riddles are finally here! There are two ways that you can get them at my TpT store - and either way, they're free!

Download the set here...

... or, if you already own the original set, you can download it again from your "My Purchases" page at TpT, where you'll find it in a zip file with the original set.

Enjoy using the newest riddle cards!

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to School Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Whether you're adding the finishing touches to your classroom as the Big Day approaches or your school year is already moving full steam ahead, there are certain little touches that we as teachers always appreciate.

You know the kinds of things I mean ...

... bulletin boards with none of last year's staples still stuck in them, class lists that won't change (as if that ever happens!), finding the just-right folders at the just-right price... and, of course, quality pencils with a pencil sharpener that really works!

Would you like to win this Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener, along with a set of Ticonderoga pencils?

We all know that Ticonderoga pencils are The.Best. The lead is centered, the point lasts, and there's no cute but annoying glittery stuff on the outside so the pencil is not half eaten up each time you sharpen.

And the Classroom Friendly Sharpener? Oh, my, this is a GOOD one! If you haven't heard about this efficient and QUIET (seriously!) sharpener, check it out here! {This is a referral link. If you choose to buy a sharpener via the Classroom Friendly Supplies site, I'll receive a small commission which will not add to your price.}

And just for the little extra boost you deserve at this time of year, would you also like the resource of your choice from my Teachers Pay Teachers store?

Well, then, let's have a quick Back to School Giveaway!

Entering this one is easy-peasy ... nothing to follow. Just head over to my store and let me know with your entry which resource you'd choose. That's it!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School Math Games ... Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time for another blog hop (and great big giveaway!) with my friends at I Teach K-2! {Pssst! Be sure to read to the end for a freebie!}

You can find so many great activities on Pinterest and at TpT for the first weeks of school, emphasizing community building, establishing and practicing classroom rules, and setting the tone for your learning environment. But chances are you already have a great tool in your arsenal for this - partner math games! Think games like roll and cover, four in a row, and bump - you've already got 'em, right? Have you considered including partner math games as a part of your back to school activities?

Here's a quick rundown on the great value of time spent on partner games at the beginning of school.

You've spent the time with your students creating, discussing, and modeling the rules. Now's the time to practice them. Review your rules briefly before you send your partners off to play partner games. Then, after the games, gather the class together and go through the rules again one by one. Have your students  decide on an overall rating of how they think they did with the rules ( a range of happy faces or not so good/okay/very good work well as ratings for K-1s). You could even chart the results for a few days to look for improvement.

Partner games encourage one-to-one conversation, to get to know new classmates up close and personal. Consider tossing out a quick "getting to know you" question before partners begin their games ... "Ask your partner what their favorite playground game is", "Find out your partner's favorite color", etc.  Build relationships even more by switching partners frequently!

Using polite words, taking turns, knowing how to be a good winner and a good loser - there will be lots of opportunities to reinforce these critical social skills when your students play partner games.

Game time is a great time for informal observation of your students' skills.  At back to school time, choosing games that use skills from the previous grade level will give you a quick overview of who and what needs reviewing. Just jot some quick notes for yourself as you cruise the room!

Game time may also give you a few moments to sneak in some one-on-one assessments. Uninterrupted time for assessment early in the year? Wow, that's a bonus!!

The first few weeks of your math curriculum are likely to be very heavy on review. Choose the topics of your games carefully and your students may well surprise you with how quickly you can move through those early lessons!

Let your students see right from the beginning that your classroom is a place where learning will be fun, but also a place where academics are the number one priority!  Playing games will remind your students that there are many ways to learn, and that learning is fun!

Could you use a few more partner math games to keep the fun in learning and in teaching in your classroom? Here are two free games that are single-page-no-cards-to-print-or-cut. Got to love easy prep, especially when your poor hands are sore from all that laminating and cutting you've been doing late into the night! These games are samples from a brand new kindergarten set of 20 partner math games - that means they'll be perfect to use for your first graders as back to school math (or for K teachers to use all year!).  Click here to see the whole set at my TpT store! Click here or on the picture to get your two free games.

Now, on to the August Giveaway! Oooohhh, the prizes we have for you this month!! 

Thanks for stopping by Primary Inspiration! Don't miss out on these other great freebies and back to school ideas that my I Teach K-2 blogging friends have for you!

Monday, August 1, 2016

TpT Sale Time, Plus a Giveaway to Help Your Shopping!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time to do the Back to School Shuffle ... or maybe it's the Back to School Jitterbug? Whatever it is, it's one fast moving and energetic dance that will definitely have you huffin' and puffin'!  Whether you've already started with your new sweeties or will be very soon, you'll be glad to hear that the great big Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale will be tomorrow and Tuesday, August 1st and 2nd.

Thanks to Whitney Shaddock of The First Grade Roundup  for this cute sale image!

Everything in my store will be 20% off, which means you'll save 28% when you enter the code BestYear at checkout. Way to stretch those classroom dollars!

*** If you're a follower at my TpT store, check your TpT Inbox (you'll have to sign in first) to find a note from me with your exclusive Followers' Thank You, this set of compare and contrast task cards. Not a follower yet? Sign up today so you'll be sure to get the next freebie!

I'll take just a moment of your time to tell you about a few resources that will bring some extra fun into your classroom this year!

Whether you're new to teaching or just changed grade levels, this first grade bundle will give you loads of activities and ideas for a strong start! 

Here's a set that will get your firsties right in gear by reviewing kindergarten skills ... and what's more fun than an everything-on-wheels theme?

Lastly, here are my two newest resources.  If you've been using 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart (1st-2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th-5th grade), you'll love these fun companion sets of 100 clip away cards for one to 100. Super engaging for your math centers!

So, let's have a little giveaway to help you stretch your spending at the #BestYearEver sale! One winner will receive $20 in resources of their choice from my store plus a $10 gift card to use wherever and whenever you'd like on TpT. {Did you know that many of these gift cards that you're seeing being given away all over social media ... including this one!... were generously donated by TpT? TT is the BEST!!} I'll send your prize out bright and early on Tuesday morning so you'll have plenty of time for shopping!

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to Tracy ... check your email! :)

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Clip Away Cards: Giveaway Update and a Great Deal!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I  hope you're having a wonderful summer Sunday! Just a quick update for you today ...

Congratulations to Amy, Kerry, and Gina, who are the winners of the giveaway of 100 Clip Away Cards for Numbers One to 100!  Many thanks to all who entered!!

This set has now been posted, and you can find it here in my TpT store! Bonus: This resource is just $3 today ... well, actually until I get up tomorrow morning, because I know that many of your "todays" go on long after my US Eastern Daylight Savings Time bedtime! ;)

To find out more about what makes Clip Away Cards different from clip cards and why they'd make a great addition to your classroom, take a moment to link back here.  Thanks!

Happy Teaching!

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