Thursday, May 21, 2015

A "Mystery Bag" for Teaching, and a Sale, Too!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

When you were little, were you one of those kids who loved to buy Mystery Bags? Do you remember them? Stapled-closed brown lunch bags with an assortment of fascinating treasures in them, like a super bouncy ball, Laffy Taffy, or a giant eraser "for big mistakes". You never knew what might be inside, but quite often it was something really cool, and those bags were always an amazing bargain!

There's just something about The Mystery, right?

Did you know that you can get a "Mystery Bag"of teaching resources every month?

It's called Teacher Approved, and it's a subcription service that will provide you with handpicked educational materials. This service is the brilliant idea of Emily and Heidi from Second Story Window, who sort through scads of resources submitted each and every month.

Your "mystery bag" of downloadables will be a super way to discover new sellers and energize your teaching. Subscriptions are available for PreK-1, 2-3, and 4-6.

Just as an example of what a steal-of-a-deal, May's PreK-1 set includes five resources, three for literacy and two for math. One of the literacy items is my end-of-year pack, Wrapping It Up! Common Core Literacy Review for First Grade, which is available in my store for $5.  But with your Teacher Approved subscription, you'll get all five of the resources for $5! Pretty cool deal, right?

If you're not sure yet, you can give it a spin for just one month for $8.

Ready? Go to Teacher Approved  to get started! { Disclosure: As an affiliate I will receive a small compensation if you subscribe ... but I'd recommend Teacher Approved even if got me zilch! :)}

If you're a developer of teaching resources and are interested in being part of this fabulous opportunity, you can get started right here. The exposure you'll get is excelent. Visit the Teacher Approved Facebook page to see the great promotion Heidi and Emily will do for you!

To celebrate being included in this month's Teacher Approved PreK-1 package, my entire TpT store is now 20% off! And that includes "Wrapping It Up!" ;)

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Memorial Day Activities and Freebies

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Here comes Memorial Day ... parades, patriotic ceremonies, picnics, and for some of you, the threshold of summer vacation!  If you're in search of some inspiration for Memorial Day activities to use with your students this week, here are a few you may like. Bonus: they're all free!


From Charity Preston, here's a set that includes wearable ribbons, a word search, and a coloring page.

Here's a fun coloring page from First Grade is Fantabulous.

This Memorial Day emergent reader is from Josie's Place.

This set of 20 word wall cards from 123 Creations by L Ackert could be used for a writing reference, alphabetical order, or sorting. Think of all the sorts: number of letters, number of syllables, noun/verb/other, etc.

From A Cupcake for the Teacher, here's a set of 11 patriotic writing papers, with adorable graphics for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

Conveying the deeper meaning of memorial day to K-2 students is not easy. An alternative is to touch on it briefly and then extend the discussion into talking about patriotism. It's a great occasion for making US flags!  If you've ever made flags with your students, you know how frustrated some children get when they just can't quite seem to get the placement of stars and stripes to look like ... well, to look like the Stars and Stripes!  At this post, you'll find a plan for painting American flags that really look like American flags! This is also a great project for Flag Day, coming up on June 14th.

You might prefer a cut-and-paste version, like this simple to make one from Housing a Forest. I love a project like this that looks "100% pure kid"!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation ... The Beat Goes On!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I hope this week has started out in a wonderful way for you!! We know all too well that teaching is a tough and often undervalued job. I think it's great the way recognition and appreciation has grown in the past few years, with the celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day growing to a week. You work hard every day, and everybody needs a pat on the back once in a while, right? :)

And so, to celebrate... it's time for the great big Teacher Appreciation Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers1

Everything in my store, including bundles, will be 20% off on Tuesday and Wednesday, and you can get an extra 10% with the checkout code ThankYou. That adds up to 28% savings for you!

Plus, for the procrastinators out there (soulmates, kindred spirits, my kinda people, you know who you are), you can still get 20% off at my store on Thursday!  Which gives you a bit of extra time because I KNOW that you're going to want to leave feedback on the great things you buy at the sale. Feedback = buying credits= more sale shopping on Thursday, right?

Here's a whirlwind tour of the resources that I've posted to my store since the last sitewide sale in February. Click on any picture to see the resource at my store.

16 riddle cards, board game, and writing activity.

Enough cards for 30 players. Two levels of difficulty.

Great way to build descriptive vocabulary! Also a nice addition to your writing center.

Super for math coaches and tutors, this set includes 40 games from K-3.  $$$ saving bundle!

Seasonal picture prompts with guided questions turns each of these 58 prompts into a writing lesson!

Did your late second through fouth graders like Fishing Around Place Value Riddles? Then they'll love this brand new set of 50 more riddles for three-digit numbers!

A group of sharks is called a shiver. Don't you just love that?  Opposites cards and games with cute shark graphics from Dandy Doodles.

There's just one new freebie in my store (but tons of them here on the blog, as you regular visitors know!). I hope you'll find it handy to use when you do your spring planting with your class!

Please take a moment to visit my store.  Follow my Facebook page for lots of Teacher Appreciation treats this week!

Happy Teaching, and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Think SUMMER?? Summer Resources and Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Think SUMMER? Doesn't it feel like the last flakes just fell, the winter coats just got put away, the first robin just arrived?

But as soon as a really warm day comes along, the play at recess takes on a different tone (and the afternoon in the classroom takes on the distictive aroma of dirt ... seriously, do they all just roll in it once the warm weather comes???) and little minds turn to thoughts of ice cream trucks and swimming pools. And suddenly, they can't possibly think of anything else.

And so, good teachers follow their lead and turn their teaching to where the learning will happen, to themes of watermelon and picnics and camping. All of that's actually okay with us, of course, since those who are already counting the days at this point are also somewhat poolside mentally! :)

If you're looking for some new summer resources that will also keep your little ones busy reviewing all that you've worked so hard to teach this year, here are a few from my Teacher's Notebook shop, where all of my resources are 20% off from today through May 8th in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week!

Here's the newest one ... for your K's-getting-ready-for-first! It's a set of seven story cards for summer. Story cards are great for your newest readers and especially for those who are just a little bit reluctant to commit to this whole reading thing. You know who they are, right?  At just one page and about six to eight lines of text, your reluctant readers can see the end of each story is never too far away. These stories are super for buddy reading and great fluency builders.

Each story card comes in three formats, bringing in options for writing sight words, too. There are also sight word cards filled with the popsicles and watermelon your kiddos are dreaming of.

Here are a few more items for summer ... just click on the image to see the details. I hope you'll find just what you need to keep that countdown movin' along and keep the learning happening, too!!

 summer picture prompts           summer vocabulary

camping          math games

Here's your freebie! Enjoy this collection of ten graphing and tallying activities for kindergarten through second grade.


When you shop at Teacher's Notebook during the sale, use the code TeachersRule at checkout to get an additional 10% off your total. Have fun shopping, and have a great kick-off to Teacher Appreciation Week!

Follow Primary Inspiration Teaching Resources by Linda Nelson on Facebook  for lots of special giveaways to add to your celebration this week!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's a Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's that fun time of year again ... Teacher Appreciation Week! Yes, in some places it's just one day, but you deserve MORE appreciation than that! So at the iTeach blogs, we're celebrating in a big way!

So, thinking along the lines of Laura Numeroff, we want to know, "If you give a teacher a gift card ...", what would YOU got a gift card from a place you love to shop? Just like you, we at the iTeach blogs have our own ideas about that, and are all sharing what we'd choose!

For me, the choice is colorful cardstock.

This is a sight that makes me sigh.  I linger in this aisle far longer than necessary, but to me it is just so beautiful. It's a visual treat, and truth be told I also like feeling the texture of some of the oh-so-cool papers. It's been a while since I've done much scrapbooking, but my hoard is waiting patiently for me, knowing I'll be back someday. When the day for scrapbooking returns, however, I know I'll also be sneaking back to this land of beauty for "just a few little things" I'll need!

A variety pack like this one would also be on my gift card list!

Love the variety of colors! {I can promise you that I did not paint my nails to match the color on the package, but that's pretty amazing, isn't it?} I mostly use the 8.5X11 inch size, which can go right through the printer.

How to use colored cardstock in your classroom?

* Print a set of game cards on colored stock on your black and white printer. Really jazzes it up.

* For differentiated card sets, print each level on a different color. Makes it so easy to sort them quickly!

* Laminate a sheet for each child for a yearlong display. Just write the child's name on each colored sheet, laminate it, and hang all the sheets on a wall in your classroom or hallway. To make an easy-to-change display, just put sticky tack on the back of the child's work and pop it onto the laminated cardstock. When it's time to change the display, the front page will come off quickly and cleanly.  I like to use 12X12 cardstock for this, so it gives a gallery effect of matted display pages.

* For class books, a bright or patterned piece of cardstock makes a unique and attractive cover.

How do you use colorful cardstock in your classroom?

What you you get if you were given a gift card for Teacher Appreciation Week? What about a $25 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, Target, or Starbucks? It could happen to YOU!

My blogging friends at  iTeachFirst have gotten together to offer you the chance to win! Just click on the image below. It will take you to our blog where you can enter to win from April 26th through May 2nd. Tell your friends about this one ... after all, who wouldn't want a chance at these great prizes?

Here are some more iTeach bloggers sharing what they'd do with their winning card! Please visit - maybe you'll find a great idea that's just what you need!

Happy Teaching!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Ladybug Freebies ... in Their New Homes!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time for more spring cleaning at my TpT store, so I thought I'd start by sweeping out some of the bugs!

Apparently at some point in time I was simultaneously obsessed with ladybugs and suffering from memory loss, because there are were three ladybug freebies in my store. Oops.

These two ladybug games, previously at my store, will now be housed at Google Drive and accessible only here.

The first is a short u game, Ladybug, Ladybug. Get it here.

The second is a programmable game board, March of the Ladybugs. This is programmable, but not editable. In other words, you can print the board and then write in whatever skill you want your students to practice. There's a game board, blank cards, and two sets of cubes and spinners. Click here to download.

I decided to leave the last set at my store. Can't have a store with no ladybugs, after all! It's called Ladybug Lane. It's a set of two Common Core games for first grade math with a 120 board game and a set of cards for a battle game - doubles and near doubles addition facts. Click here to see it at my store.

Sorry if this post is confusing, but I hope that it will help some of you discover at least one freebie that's brand new to you! Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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