Friday, December 13, 2019

Run, Run, Catch These Gingerbread Literacy Freebies {{Gr 1-5!}}!

Do you use a gingerbread theme in your classroom? Then you won't want to miss out on these gingerbread literacy freebies, a great way to carry your theme into your centers and other times in your teaching day!

Let's start out with a gingerbread literacy freebie that you can use from first grade all the way on up through fifth.  This printable comes at two levels of difficulty. Both of them require your students to use spelling and word analysis skills, so if "someone" should happen to peek his head in to see if your students are still working ... well, yes, they sure are!

Younger students will cut out the letters in "GINGERBREAD" and use them to make and write words. Making Words activities are a great way for younger students to develop a greater awareness of spelling patterns and using the onset/rime principle in both reading and writing. ("If you can write bag, then you can write rag, nag, and brag.")

For older students, making word activities further develop onset/rime understanding and are also a way to enrich vocabulary. To increase the level of difficulty, your students are not given the target word - GINGERBREAD - and are challenged to rearrange all of the letters to discover it. Consider giving your third, fourth, and fifth graders a dictionary or online dictionary site as a reference, to see if that word they just made is a real word (and to sneakily work on dictionary skills - pretty tricky, right?).

And both levels are PERFECT to include in your substitute plans if you happen to be in need of that between now and the break! ;)

Click here or on the picture below to download both levels!

The next gingerbread literacy freebie will let you check off some objectives in the standards for reading non-fiction. This original non-fiction book from my friend Jackie, a.k.a. The Template Teacher, is filled with facts about gingerbreads that your K-2 students can use to surprise and impress their families. There are printable pages also included to extend the reading of this beautiful little book! 

Click here or on the picture to download All About Gingerbreads!

Your third gingerbread literacy freebie is a reference card for opposites.

Here are a few fun ways to use this card.

*  Have two children sit side by side with copies of the chart and do some choral reading :"Tall, short ... in, out...up,down..."  Saying and hearing the words seems to cement the concept for some students. 

*  Have two students sit back to back, in chairs or on the floor, with both children having copies of the chart. One child reads any word on the chart, and the other names/reads the opposite. After the first confirms that it's correct, they reverse roles.

*  Make multiple copies and cut the word cards apart. Use them for memory and matching games. If you keep an uncut copy, children can check their own work.

To get your copy of the Gingerbread Opposites chart, click here.

The next two resources are not free, but are definitely filled with gingerbread... just click to see them!

Happy Teaching!

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