Tuesday, May 30, 2017

120 Games and a Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Hope you are all well, whether you have started your summer vacation or are still hanging in there, counting days in your advanced state of exhaustion! {Keep smiling, you can do this!!}

I spent some more time revising and updating a few resources this weekend, and, as often happens, I ended up adding a few new pages to several of them.

If you've already purchased these at TpT, head over to your My Purchases page, where you can download the updates for free. Some of you may already be receiving personalized emails about updates on anything you've purchased (an AWESOME idea, thanks, TpT!). If not, you'll start receiving them very soon.

One change that I made was to add this Tuff and Puff game to Counting with the Pups and Kitties. More practice with adding and subtracting on the 120 chart is always a good thing, right?  And the fact that these four games (plus two maze activities!) are filled with cute graphics like Tuff the Pup and Puff the Kitty will make them all the more fun for your first graders.

How will these games help your students?

As they roll dice to determine how many steps they'll move, your students will subitize and add sums 2-12.

* They'll practice early place value skills as they move up and back by tens and by ones, and associate this movement on the chart with addition and subtraction.

* Your students will use mental math and strategize, since several of these games will require them to decide whether adding or subtracting the numbers on the dice is a better option.

* Your students will also have the chance to use their creativity when the use the blank template to create their own games.  This is a fun activity for those last days of school - art, math, and partner play in one!

The plus for you? Each of these games is just one page, so they are easy prep for you, right when you most appreciate easy prep! Plus, the variety of levels in this set will let you keep differentiating easily right up to the last day {when administrators seem to love to stroll by. Won't you be the impressive one! :)}

Look for this pups and kitties set with its fancy new cover here.

While I was updating, I decided to pay some attention to my poor neglected Teachers Notebook store.
Most of the changes there were updates to covers.  While I was working there, I realized that it's been a really long time since I had a giveaway on TN. 

So, here it is!

This set of 120 chart games has fun themes for high engagement - pirates, space, dinosaurs, and three more. You can see the description here, and just for this week, you can also enter to win a set! 
Just sign in to Teacher's Notebook, click on Giveaways, and scroll down. I'll be giving away three sets!

Happy Teaching!

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