Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's All About "New": New Games and New Years Freebies!

Happy New Year, Teaching Friends!

Just a quick post today about some things that I don't want you to miss out on!

I have been stuck-like-glue lately on making one page math games, so I thnk it's about time to shake it up a bit with some (guess what??) ... one page phonics games!

If you follow my TpT store, you may have already seen these and know the theme ... good ol' CVC words! Seriously, who couldn't use more practice blending the sounds smoothly, thinking of rhymes, and writing the words?

Each of these game sets focuses on just one vowel sound, and each set includes six games, with a bit of a gradient of difficulty in the games to make it easier for you to differentiate.

Each game comes in both color (less than 20% of the page) and blackline.

But my favorite part?  These games are soooo easy to implement in your literacy centers. Here's why.

      * Each game is just one page, with no cards to print and cut (which means, let's get serious - no          cards to lose!).  Even the directions are right on the game board. All you'll need to add is  
         erasable markers and dice.

      * Because the games are the same for each vowel, you'll save lots of reteaching time! Teach  
         your students how to play once and then just review as necessary. You know that The Experts
         on the rules for each game will pop up in your classroom in no time, so maybe you won't even            need to review the rules at all!


I like to offer my readers and followers a little extra deal when I first post resources - 50% off for the first 24 hours ... which quite often slides to 36 hours, 48 hours ... generosity or forgetfulness, call it what you will. ;)

Short U is yet to come (maybe tomorrow), as well as sets for mixed vowel practice and consonant blends/short vowels.

Here are the sets that are available now. Click on the pictures to see them at my store.



Part 2: New Years Freebies!

These are not new, but maybe there're new to you! (sounds like a slogan for a conignment shop...)


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