Saturday, November 12, 2016

Announcing ... Spanish Resources from Primary Inspiration!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'm excited to announce that my TpT store is opening a new "branch"!  Well, not so much a branch, I guess, more of a tiny little in-store boutique.  I've started to have some of my resources translated into Spanish!

My own translation skills consist of decades old high school and college Spanish (six years of it, mind you), plus a splash of Google Translate. Not so good. So, I'm employing the superb translation skills of our younger daughter's dear friend Heather.  Heather is a sweetheart who has taught Spanish at the college level, and I'm sure that you'll be as delighted with her work as I am!

Here's what's in the shop so far.

With winter coming up, here's a set of my best-selling winter riddle cards, now available in Spanish. These 24 riddle cards will be lots of fun for your students if you teach ESL, ELL, bilingual, Spanish immersion, or Spanish World Language classes, and they're also a great way to build vocabulary and practice inferring.  Actually, even older kids who are just getting started learning Spanish would enjoy using these ... and they'd make a pretty impressive lesson to use when you're being observed!

Your Spanish-speaking second and third grade students will love solving these multi-step math riddles!  Find the pirate's secret treasure numbers with this set of riddle task cards for two-digit numbers.  You can see more here.

And here's a closer look!

Here's what some customers have said about the English version of this set:

"This was a fabulous partner activity. We have 1:1 iPads so we took pictures of the cards and then opened it with an app we could write on. One partner followed the clues and the other checked it with the calculator. They had so much fun and learned so much!"

"A great way to get students to practice checking each multiple choice answer - glad I made the purchase. Challenging but fun. 
Thank you!"

"I can't WAIT to use this!!! Its great for my Problem Solving tub in my Guided Math Rotations. Thank you!"

You can see more here.

If you think you might like using both the English and Spanish sets of Pirate's Secret Treasures, you might want to check out the bundle here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Teaching!

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